Tips to prevent memory card corruption

Many users use many storage devices to store their data such as photos, videos, documents etc. Memory card is one of the most usable storage device but many of them lose their data from it due to many reasons such as accidental deletion, formatting memory card, virus attacks. In addition, data may get lost from memory card after getting corrupt also. If you don’t know how to prevent memory card from corruption then read next paragraph and know some few tips to prevent your memory card getting corrupt and avoid data loss.

Follow below mentioned tips and tricks to avoid memory card corruption

Always eject memory card from system using “Safe Remove” option only

After performing reading or writing data into memory card by connecting it to system using card reader then use Safe Remove option if you wish to eject it. Because, when any devices connected to system with help of supporting drivers, connected devices are being in communication with system. In order to stop or cancel communication, you should use eject in Mac system and in Windows use Safe remove option that is located at right most corner of the taskbar. In addition, do not eject the card if any actions have been progressing such as transferring, deletion and format. By following all these instructions, you can avoid memory card corruption.

Do not store any infected data into memory card

As we know that storing virus and malware threats infected into any storage device that corrupts all files stored on that device and resulting in corruption. Hence, before storing any data into memory card make sure that no virus and malware threats contained in data by scanning using updated antivirus application.

Do not change or remove memory card when camera is on

Make sure camera is in off mode i.e. power is shut down, before changing or removing memory card from any camera brands otherwise card easily might get corrupt and results in loss of data stored on it.

Do not use memory card when camera battery is low

There is high probability of getting memory card corruption when using it in camera even though its battery is showing low, and there are chances of card inaccessibility. Therefore, avoid usage of memory card when camera’s battery is low.

Always read memory card data using best card readers

Any brands of card reader just reads and write data into memory card, there still chances it can damage or corrupt memory card. Hence, practice usage of good quality brands of card reader. The good thing is use same manufacture brand of card reader as the memory card you use.

Other simple tips

  • Never format memory card in camera
  • Never use memory card if there is no space to store new data
  • Use good brands of memory card
  • Always use same brands of card reader

After following above mentioned precautions and tips to avoid memory card corruption, you card gets corrupted due to some other reasons and lost most valuable data stored on it and now wish to recover them as they were before then use elegant one such application like Remo Recover Windows/Mac Media edition. It is efficiency in restoring all types of files from different brands of memory card. This unique toolkit allows user to perform lost or deleted data recovery from memory card in few simple mouse clicks.

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