Tips To Use Outlook Effectively

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email clients for establishing internal communication via mails in corporate companies. Effective usage of Outlook application helps you to save your effort and work. In this page you may find some of the tips which can be used to effectively work with Outlook in order to save much of your time.

Shortcuts: Using keyboard shortcuts can enhance the work speed of using Outlook and moreover you can save much of your time. Therefore users who are using Outlook should at least learn some of the basic keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+R (replay to email), Alt+W (forward the email), F9 (to send or receive all emails) etc.

Flag Emails: You can flag the emails which you feel that it’s important, so that while searching email in an abundant email list you can distinguish the flagged emails very quickly.

Create Search Folder: If you are frequently accessing or roaming around the same folder then its better that you create search folder. Because by creating search folder you can quickly access your frequently accessed stuffs and moreover the search folder also allows you to perform customized searches in the search folder

Email filtering: By using Filter Email option you can keep unwanted emails away from inbox folder. With this feature most of the emails which are marked as junk will not arrive to inbox and will be sent to separate folder. Additionally you can create your own filter to get rid of annoying emails.

Categorize: Outlook allows you to categorize certain mails on the basis of color, by doing so you can quickly sort and identify the mails which are in specific category

Create new folder to group similar mails: Create a new folder tapping on “Folder tab” and in “New” select “New Folder”. By creating this new folder you can group emails that are identical or received from identical recipients.

These are some of the tips that help easy and effective use of Outlook application. While grouping the emails or filtering them, be cautious as a simple mistake can lead to deletion of Outlook emails. In case you have deleted the emails, just make use of Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool to recover deleted emails securely. It supports recovery of emails from all available Outlook versions.

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