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Are Smartphone Cameras Really Better than DSLR’s?

Whether DSLR’s are needed or are smartphones enough is really a heated topic for discussion. Some photography experts argue that smartphones are not even close to what DSLR’s has to offer. The first factor is the sensor size. DSLR sensors are pretty much 5 to 6 times larger than the size of a smartphone sensor and this is a major factor. The larger the sensor, the more light can enter and hence better picture quality. Smartphones take the hit in this regard. Secondly, the lens on a DSLR camera is much larger and better than one on a smartphone camera.

Fighting Back against Data Theft

The recent massive data-harvesting scandal of Cambridge Analytica, mishandling Facebook user data with the help of a personality quiz application had shocked us all. The data of over 87 million Facebook users were mishandled by the organization and used for electoral purposes. These stolen records were then used to target particular voters with ads and social media posts in hope of influencing their decisions at the ballot box. This is not just the case of Online data, your data stored Offline is also not safe. In this growing era of cybercrimes, protecting your data is a difficult task. Data theft

5 Simple Ways to Fix and Recover Data from Corrupted Memory Card

Secure Digital cards are very delicate to handle. Some simple mistakes make your SD card inaccessible and unreadable. If you are facing such issues with your memory card, then you are at right place. Here I have listed out some simple fixes and methods to get back your data from your unreadable or corrupted Secure Digital card on Windows/Mac. Method #1: Connect to Another Device If your SD card is not readable on the current device due to corruption, then don’t lose hope. Attach it to other devices and try to access. In case, your memory card doesn’t show up

Easy Tips to Avoid Outlook PST File Corruption

Outlook PST files are undoubtedly the important files of Microsoft Outlook. This is because it holds entire data from Outlook, i.e. emails, tasks, contacts, attachments, notes and other Outlook attributes. However, this PST file is prone to corruption due to several reasons, which may result in Outlook data loss. So it is required to keep your Outlook data safe by preventing PST file corruption. So today we will discuss some of the simple  tips to avoid Outlook PST file corruption and methods to fix. Quick Tricks to Avoid PST corruption PST File Size: As Microsoft has defined the maximum size

Best Tools for Video Analysis

Video Analysis technique is gaining more popularity these days. These tools are not the same as the tools used by normal video editors. For each industry varied set of tools are available. Be it a Sports industry, teaching or scientific analysis, the requirements for analysing videos differ drastically. Thus, here we have listed best analysis tools for each industries. Top 7 Tools for Video Analysis V1 Pro V1 Pro 2010 performs much better in all areas of performance. There are number of useful features in this tool, but the most useful one is the 90 Degree Rotation feature. If you

Simple Tricks to Improve Your Photography Skills

Photography is now everyone’s favourite hobby and even though you are not a skilled photographer, you would like to capture every moment of your life. Hence, here I have listed out some basic tricks to improve your photography skills. If you concentrate on these factors, then you can get more perfection with your skills and capture a picture-perfect image. Trick #1: Have Control your Camera The foremost thing which you have to concentrate is how your camera works. First read the user manual and get to know about every aspect of your camera. Learn about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO

How to Fix Word Document Not Showing Pictures

Microsoft Word is powerful text editing tool that makes your job effortless. With the aid of this program, you can include much stuff for instance text, hyperlink, clip art, OEL object, chart, image, video and more in your Word file. But, some users experienced an odd issue with their Word document regarding images embedded in their file. Yes, pictures inserted to a Word file may not show up when the user tries to access the document. A Word file fails to display its images due to a number of reasons. Case 1: Usually this issue arises even due to some

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Windows

When you look at your favourite celeb’s pictures, your first expression will be “WOW”! Ever wondered how they look so flawless all the time? Well, they don’t actually. Photoshop has led to believe that some things are perfect in appearance, be it your picture or any other piece of your work. But basically, Photoshop is of professional’s choice as its subscription can’t be easily afforded by ordinary people. So if you are looking for some free photo editing tools, or you just want to look perfect in all your photos without spending any dollars, here are some choices for you.

What Can Be Done When System Restore Fails

    System Restore is used to fix few minor software issues. When you perform System Restore, it rolls back program files, registry information and system files to an earlier state. Basically, it replaces these damaged or corrupted files with good ones which in turn solves your problem. But what if the System Restore itself fails? Well, don’t worry, there are couple ways to make System Restore work and bring everything back to normal. Try System Restore in Safe Mode System Restore replaces the system files from the restore point and that’s how it works. But, some programs like anti-virus may

How to Use QuickTime for Screen Recording

It is known fact that QuickTime player supports many types of video formats. But, the unknown fact is that it also works as a screen recorder. Screen recording feature of QuickTime helps to capture the things that happens on your computer screen. This feature could be helpful when you want to create your own video tutorial. Let’s see how to create a QuickTime Screen Recordings- Open QuickTime media player and click on “File” menu From the drop down list, select New Screen Recording (Control + Command + N) option It opens screen recording window If you want to select audio