DivX errors: Fix Unplayable DivX File with Audio and Video Issue

Digital video express or DivX is a well-known video file format. The file format is compatible with multiple media players like WMP, VLC, QuickTime, etc. DivX was the first video codec for the Windows AVI container format that provided strong compression along with high-resolution picture quality as it contains the h.264 which is used in MPEG-4 technology. DivX mostly used in streaming videos on the internet where the lossless compression technique comes in handy. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, you may encounter a few errors while playing your DivX files. A few of the DivX errors are listed below: Playback issue

The Best Possible Way to Recover Camera Roll Folder

Camera Roll might be the most undermined folder on any device. Be it your iPhone, Windows, Mac, or Android, users estimate Camera Roll as a space hogger and delete it. But, considering the fact that Camera Roll is the default location to save photos or videos that you capture from a device camera, Camera Roll is a prominent folder.Since many users tend to accidentally or unintentionally delete the Camera Roll folder, restoring Camera Roll has been a topic widely looked up across users from all platforms. So, here is a detailed page to guide you to recover Camera Roll from

How to Transfer Photos to Computer without Losing Them | Any Camera (2020)

The best way to experience the true beauty of the photos you clicked is by seeing them on your big screen. That might not be the only reason why you want to transfer your photo to a computer but,  anything to do with pictures after they are clicked you need to import them onto a computer.Generally, transferring photos to a computer seems to be an easy task but, there are various pitfalls that might result in corrupting or damaging the photos or straight out delete them. I think as a photographer you want to be on top of it. This

How to Fix GoPro Video Errors | Choppy, Jerky, Broken

GoPro Errors and solutions

Summary: In this article you will find solution to all your GoPro video problems and errors that you might come across while using GoPro. In case you have lost any videos or have a damaged or corrupt video, this article helps you with that as well. Promise yourself to stick till the end, we assure you to fix your GoPro issue. I am not the only one who loses their mind looking at videos shot on GoPro. You can be a content creator or a motorcycle rider or a adventure sportsmen, irrespective of what you do, you will be owning a

How to Repair Corrupt DJI video files?

Drones are renowned as unmanned aerial vehicles. With the help of these drones, one can easily perform photography or videography using a remotely operated device under various difficult environment. Due to the flying abilities and smaller sizes of the drone, you can effortlessly capture videos that would have been impossible to be recorded by a photographer or videographer. No matter how tough it is to capture videos using the drone, but videos shot on the drone are prone to corruption or damage. If you are looking to repair corrupt DJI video files, then stick on to this article to repair

How to Successfully Fix Corrupted GoPro Videos

Stuntmen, adventurers, hobbyists, artists, photographers; every one of them has a different way of using a GoPro. When recording GoPro videos, since it is an action camera a lot of things can go wrong. This is the reason why a feature called SOS has been introduced on GoPro cameras. Damage or corruption while recording can be a mishap, it can ruin your perfect moment. Listed are the quick ways you can do to fix and repair corrupted GoPro videos. Why do GoPro videos get corrupted? GoPro videos get corrupted either while recording or after recording the videos. Here are the

Learn What Internet Recovery on Mac Can Do |(Mac and MacBook)

Mac recovery mode is a lifesaver during crises. Depending on the type of crisis, you can choose among four options available in Mac recovery mode. there might be some complications that can be resolved by normal recovery mode but it has its own set of limitations. If there is one option that could come in handy regardless of the severity of the problem, it is Mac Internet recovery mode. Learn why Mac internet recovery mode is crucial and let’s discuss how to use internet recovery mode on Mac. What is Internet Recovery on Mac? Internet recovery mode is completely different

DiskPart Guide to Manage your Windows Better

This article is a must have guide for any Windows user. A complete guide on DiskPart that helps you understand what DiskPart is and empowers you to create, delete, format, clean or even fix errors on your hard drive or partitions. Table of Contents 1.What is DiskPart and What is it used for? 2. Clean Hard Drive or Partition using DiskPart 3. Create Partition Using DiskPart? 4. Format Partition Using DiskPart? 5. Delete Partition Using DiskPart? 6. Extend or Shrink Partition With DiskPart 7. Set a Partition Act on DiskPart What is DiskPart and What is it used for? DiskPart

Make Most of the Mac Hot Corners

hot corners on mac

One of the major upgrades that we usually observe with the evolution of Mac OS is the user experience. Apple never fails to outdo themselves when it comes to the user interface. Hot Corners is one such feature that’s not only interesting but also can be very productive when put to use. Here is the complete guide that will help you take complete advantage of Mac Hot Corners. What are Hot corners on a Mac? Hot corners on Mac are the four active corners on your Mac Desktop which performs an action when any of them are triggered. To trigger

The Only Guide You Need to Find and Delete Duplicate Songs

In the process of collecting good music, we end up with a lot of duplicates. Not only are these duplicate audio files annoying while listening to music but also occupy a lot of space. However, it gets tedious to manually find duplicate songs one by one. Then how does one find and remove all the music files duplicate audio files on their computer or phone? This article which streamlines the entire process of finding duplicates in your music library or audio recordings and removing them. How Do I Find and Delete Duplicate Audio Files Instantly? If you are looking for