Tips & Tricks for Smartphone users

A Smartphone is a mobile phone, which allows user to use ‘n’ number of apps and it is built on mobile operating system with more superior computing potential and connectivity. Initially smartphone had the combined functionality of a PDA- personal digital assistant. Nowadays many recent smartphone consists of high-resolution touch screen and web browser that displays standard web pages as well as mobile optimized sites. Smartphones uses mobile Operating System includes Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian, Apple’s iOS, RIM’s Blackberry OS, Samsung’s Bada etc. A few other upcoming OS are Mozilla’s Firefox OS, Canonical LTD’s Ubuntu Phone and Tizen.

Features of Smartphone

In ordinary phones just we can made calls and receive calls, text messages and voicemails, but Smartphone has a capability to access internet and browse endless information and even download content which is required by users. In smartphone, browsers are built-in and can have multiple browsers to access internet. Even it consists of many built-in social media apps include G+, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Smartphone has capability to access digital media i.e. one can load music, video, images into their phone and can enjoy it. Since from many years digital media devices have been their but with Smartphone incorporating the functions of these devices is just marvelous.

Smartphone are also called as most entertaining devices because in these Smartphone we can install and download many apps from internet. Most users fond of game apps and users day by day looking for new games released in internet. These apps are attracting by many users to purchase these Smartphone.

Following are few of the interesting tips & ticks especially for smartphone users, have a look;

Tips to save your Smartphone battery

  • Do not keep vibrations mode for ringing
  • Switch off phones when not in use
  • Reduce welcome screen timeout
  • Do not go for more brightness for screen
  • Do not keep apps in unclosed state
  • Disable GPRS, when not in use
  • Keep phone in cool temperature
  • Minimize notifications

Tricks to speed up your Smartphone

  • By updating Smartphone firmware: Firmware fixes raised delay, error and other related issues that you are not aware. These issues are handled with reasonable frequency. Therefore, you can gain best performance by updating regularly.
  • Opt for Reset option: This option wipes all data stored in phone’s memory and brings your phone back to its previous working condition. Therefore, you can opt for this option whenever your phone’s performance becomes slow due to virus attacks or due to any reasons.
  • Uninstall unused apps: Keeping unused apps in phone it simply waste of phone’s ram memory and it affects accessibility and speed of phones. Therefore, uninstall apps, which are not required anymore.
  • Search in play store for useful apps: It may includes some useful apps which helps in
  • Best antivirus tool: It scans your entire phone’s internal and external memory for possible virus and malwares. It also keeps your files healthy and usable.
  • Auto task killer: Kills selected apps every second and minutes and makes phone’s accessibility fast by freeing up ram memory.
  • Start up manager: It allows you to kill many apps starting up routinely whenever phones restart
  • Automatic cache memory cleaner: It wipes cache memory completely from phone’s memory
  • Restart Phone: Whenever you phone hang up restart phone but it is temporary option

Tips to take care of Smartphone

  • Set unique password feature: By keeping password on Smartphone, you can make difficult for fraudsters to access one’s personal data.
  • Install antivirus tool: Smartphone are highly prone to virus attacks and leads to data deletion. By installing updated antivirus tool, you can threats entering into your phone.

Even though after you being following precautionary steps for avoiding data loss due to virus attacks, still there are chances of data loss in almost all  smartphones. Usually downloading infected apps, games and browsing on internet, virus easily enters into Phone’s memory and deletes files. Another reason is user mistakes such as abruptly removing memory card from phone, using virus infected memory card, accidentally deleting, accidental formatting etc. In such instance, Remo Recover for Android comes handy in order to recover deleted files on Android smartphone.

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