Manage your Storage Space like a Pro on Your Mobile

Nowadays any decent mobile devices contain 124 gigs of storage space and even most economic models are now coming with at least 64 gigs of storage. Cloud storage services are the best compliment for our storage requirements but the majority of the users still prefer storing. Unfortunately, even with all these facilities nowadays users are still running out of storage space. However, a few simple tweaks to your usage habits will make you a pro in managing storage space and avoid cluttering of unwanted forwards eating up your internal storage. How Do I Free Up Storage Space on a Mobile

Recover Deleted Photos on Any Device | Expert Guide 2020

Summary: Find here complete information on how to recover deleted photos from various devices like Windows computer, Mac operating system, SD card, Digital camera, Android, and iPhone due to various reasons. And also learn the hacks to avoid photo loss or deletion. It is disheartening to delete or lose photos while transferring them to another device, accidental deletion while removing unwanted or duplicate photos, lost photos due to corruption, OS installation, etc.  No matter how you have lost or deleted photos from your Windows, Mac, SD card, Digital camera, Android, or iPhone, losing important photos is frightening. There might be

5 Best Duplicate File Finders | 2020

Duplicate files are sneaky space hoggers on your storage drive. A duplicate file finder is the best way to put a checkmate to all those files. However, it might be a little confusing to pick a tool without knowing which one is the best fit for your requirements. So here I have tested and researched the 5 most preferred duplicate file removers by correlating prominent parameters with their prices. Without any further due, dive into this article and find out what is the best worthy duplicate file finder at its price point. There is no one perfect tool, every product

Your Outlook Handbook during Work from Home | COVID-19

From scheduling meetings to sending reports Microsoft Outlook is the center of professional communication and activity. While most of us relied on our IT support for solving most day to day problems in Outlook, the pandemic has taken away that luxury.  Times like these, it can be very useful to learn how to handle Outlook downtime and become self-reliant to export, setup, or transfer Outlook data. Also with a little tweaking and organizing, you can blaze through your Outlook work routine and boost your productivity. This blog post is designed to be a handbook for any Outlook user. Find answers

Smart Way to Manage Duplicate Photos and Keep Originals Safe while Editing on Phone

Even though the latest devices capture perfect pictures with amazing filters, some photos still require editing. While most of the users tend to edit the original image, it can turn out to be a grave mistake. If you have second thoughts on the edits, you might never get back the original file. Hence, in this article, you will find out how to retain original pictures while editing or undo the edits done to your original image. While using a computer, you can just create a copy by pasting the photo in a different or the same storage location. Most of

How to Fix Video Freezing?

Imagine watching your favorite movie and the video keeps freezing regularly. Isn’t it annoying? The interruption can ruin the experience of streaming or watching a movie. Even when you try to seek the video sequence forward, you would still encounter the video freezing again. If you are one of those people who is wondering how to fix video freezing while playing,, follow the steps mentioned below in this article. Let us first understand why videos get choppy or freezing every few seconds on Windows, Mac, Linux or various other operating systems. Why Do Videos Freeze? Below listed are the common

How to Convert Different File Formats Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has the capability of converting one file format to 20+ other file formats. Rather than converting file format using Photoshop, the users mostly prefer to convert using online tools though there are chances of quality compression. Hence, this article will guide you to convert file formats for free without losing quality using Photoshop. However, not all the file formats that are listed in Save as dialog box of Adobe Photoshop are crucial. This informative write-up explains some of the essential file formats in detail to help you choose the appropriate format while converting files using Photoshop. JPG to

How to Export Outlook Calendar?

Calendar is one of the most prominent features in Microsoft Outlook. With Outlook calendar you can set up meetings, organise appointments and events and many more things that can make your workplace communication better.Here in this article you will be learning how to export Outlook calendar to new computer or exporting calendar to excel sheet and last but not the least you will know the simplest way to move Outlook to new computer. Make sure you stick till the end of the article, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Table of contents Export Outlook Calendar to Excel Spreadsheet Export Outlook

3 Simple ways to Repair OST File | Safely

OST file is known as Offline Storage Table, which is used to compose emails, read existing emails, delete emails, set reminders, and many more in offline mode. And all the changes made to the OST file will be synced to the Exchange Server once the internet connectivity is accessible. No matter how useful the OST file, it is vulnerable to corruption. Virus infection, improper termination of Outlook, power surge issues, etc. can cause corruption to the OST file. Don’t be worried if your OST file is corrupt or inaccessible. Let’s dive in to repair OST file using the highly rated

How To Fix PSD File Not Opening In Photoshop ? | Solved 

Here is an article explaining why your PSD file cannot open in Photoshop. Also, explore a few successful methods to fix PSD file not opening in Photoshop error with ease. Common errors that mean PSD File in Photoshop is unable to open: Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document. Photoshop cannot open files in the format. Photoshop does not recognize this type of file. PSD not a valid Photoshop document. File could not be found Photoshop. Open with Photoshop not working. Photoshop won’t open files Before you move on to the different methods to