How to Fix Memory Card Errors? | 100% Safe and Proven

A memory card is a storage device used to increase the storage space of a digital camera, camcorder, Smartphone, etc. A memory card can store tons of photos, raw-images, videos, documents, and various other files. Memory cards come in various form factors based on their functionality. Such memory card divisions are SD card, Memory Stick, Micro SD card, XD card, CF card, SDHC card, SDXC card, etc. Any external device including a memory card or SD card is vulnerable to corruption due to various scenarios. This article gives you a precise understanding of memory card errors and reliable methods to

How to Recover iTunes backup File | Complete Guide

Apple’s iTunes allows iOS device users to sync with Mac and Windows system to create an iTunes backup file. This iTunes backup file can be utilized to recover deleted videos, photos, messages, and other documents from iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod. However, the iTunes backup file acts as a fail-safe file when you lose, format, or delete data from your iOS devices. The content in the iTunes backup file is stored in a unique format that is only readable by the iOS core kernels. Any alterations to the iTunes file can cause severe damage to your data saved in

Repair NTFS Boot Sector: The First NTFS Boot Sector is Unreadable or Corrupt

The NTFS file system was designed to be more efficient and reliable than its predecessors. Yet, it causes some minor issues that can be sorted out easily. However, in this article, you are going to learn about a unique error known as the first NTFS boot sector is unreadable or corrupt. With proper methodology and recommended steps this error can be resolved easily. So stay on the article to know how to repair unreadable NTFS boot sector.Method 1: How to Recover Data from Unreadable or corrupt NTFS Partition Method 2:How to Repair Unreadable NTFS Boot Sector Recover Data before You

How to Recover Data from Deleted Partition

When we speak about how to recover data from deleted partition, a professional data recovery tool is required. Remo Partition Recovery Tool is one such professional data recovery tool that can recover data from deleted and lost partition from a system’s internal hard drive as well as external hard drive, pen drive, USB flash drive, memory card, and other popular mass storage medias. Remo Partition Recovery tool comes handy when you have accidentally deleted a partition on your storage drive or lost a partition due to corruption, formatting, etc. Along with this recovery tool, a manual method using CMD option

Windows April 2019 Update Issues and solutions

Windows April 2019 Update Issues

Microsoft has rolled out its new Windows April 2019 update or simply 1903 update. With this new update, Windows promises to bring improved system security and display features. However, this update is not free from issues that lead to various complications including data loss. This article is compiled with the most common issues faced by users after updating to the latest Windows and simple solutions to fix it. Did you know: One of the new features in Windows update October 2018 allows you to manage phone photos, send/ receive SMS and calls on your desktop by integrating your phone and Windows

Simplified Method to Repair Outlook Data File | A Complete Guide

Summary: Are you wondering how to repair your Outlook data file that cannot be opened. Worry not, you are at the right place. Be it Outlook PST or OST, with the help of this article you will be able to repair your Outlook data file with no hassle. Table of Contents: 1. Indications of a Corrupt Outlook Data File 2. How Do I Fix Outlook Data File? 3. Repair Outlook Data File Using ScanPST 4. How to Repair Outlook Data File [.PST] with Remo’s PST Repair Tool? 5. How to Fix Outlook Offline Data File or OST? 6. Repair Outlook

6 Essential Things to Consider while Building a Computer for Video Editing?

I don’t think you can be a great director without knowing a lot about editing- said Thelma Schoonmaker an academy award winner who mostly worked with the legendary director Martin Scorsese. Similarly you can never be a great editor without a support a powerful computer by your side. This article is going to give you the 5 most essential things to consider while building a computer for video editing. Here we go… How to Build a Best Video Editing PC? All the Video Editors and designers know it’s not half-witty to have a dedicated computer for video editing. Although editing

Know How to Fix Choppy Video Playback

How to Fix Choppy video file

Computers and mobiles are major reasons why people have reduced the amount of time they spend in movie theaters. There is an exponential growth in the number of people who watch movies, series and other videos right on their laptops and phones. A choppy video playback issue can ruin your video watching experience. Don’t you think it is highly important to have a good uninterrupted playback while you watch any videos on you computer? The answer is an unarguable “yes” and this explains why all the online streaming services and movie productions are investing more on delivering a high quality

Repair Video Files Corrupted while Editing: A Video Editors Handbook

“I regularly edit videos on iMovie without any issues. But this time, I tried speeding one of the clips in the video. As soon as I did this, the clip got corrupted and didn’t appear in the preview screen on the right. I even undid the changes, closed the iMovie editor and re-opened it, but nothing seems to help.” Scenarios such as this are fairly common for users who edit videos on a regular basis. And this is a bad sign if you are working on a deadline or when you are time-crunched. Video editing in itself is a daunting

3 quick ways to recover iTunes music

iTunes music recovery

Music is the strongest form of magic, wish you knew some magic when you realise losing iTunes music. Trying to recover iTunes music doesn’t require any magic, this article is well compiled with various solutions to help you restore iTunes music. It is a known fact that iTunes is one of the most used music services across the world. Users spend hundreds of dollars every month to enjoy their favourite music. However losing music from iPod or computer makes you really feel bad. Let us see ways to recover iTunes music that is lost from iPod or computer. What is