Top 10 Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Windows 8 with new features is here, and if you are used to previous versions of Windows then you will notice that few of the features have been changed. This new operating system is completely different from Windows XP, Windows 7, and, Windows Vista. It possess a new tile-based app interface, new ways to interact with your computer, new Charms menu, the absence of a Start button, new shortcuts and entirely new apps, are all waiting within the new OS. All of these features can be useful, that is, if you know how to use them.

Here are 10 easy and top tricks to be used helps you in using Windows 8 efficiently. It becomes easier and more useful if you actually try them out. Hence grab your Windows 8 device and give it a go with these tips. Take a look at 10 top tips and tricks for Windows 8.

Open from the lock screen

Actually, Windows 8 opens from its lock screen; this looks very pretty but unfortunately does not display any clues about what to do next. Don’t get tensed with it, just tap the space bar and spin the mouse wheel or swipe upwards on a touch screen, this reveals a regular login screen with the user name you created during installation. Enter your password to login and begin.

Group all the apps

The Start screen apps will be initially displayed in a random order, but you it’s very easy to sort and customize them into groups, if you'd prefer a more organized screen. For this you can easily drag the People, Mail, Messaging and Calendar to the left-hand side to form a group, for instance ‘People’ group. Then, click the “minus” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to zoom out and you can drag and drop the new group (or any of the others) around as a block. Now, just right-click within the block and name the group.

Use the quick access menu

In order to access the menu quickly, right-click in the bottom-left corner or just hold down the Windows key and press X to view a text-based menu. This menu provides easy access to lots of useful applets and features such as Device Manager, Explorer, Control Panel, the Search dialog and more. If you want to further customize the list with programs of your own then just download the Win+X Menu Editor.

Launch apps from the desktop

Windows 8 doesn't provide any obvious way to launch apps straight from the desktop, but you can set it up yourself easily. For this you need to right-click on an empty part of your desktop, select New > Shortcut, and then type Explorer Shell: AppsFolder in the "Location" box. Now click ‘Next’, enter a name - "All Programs", for instance - and click Finish. When you Double-click on that shortcut folder listing all your installed programs will open, including the apps, and you can launch whatever you like.

Unlock the lock screen

A lock screen is nice and pretty for a tablet and all, and perhaps for a little privacy in the office, but for your desktop at home it’s a barrier requiring more keyboard or mouse interaction just to use your PC. to Save some time and RSI in your hand disable the lock.

  • Tap Windows key + R to bring up the ‘Run’ dialogue box
  • Just type in gpedit.msc and press Enter
  • Navigate to ‘Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Control Panel -> Personalization’
  • Then double-click on the ‘Do not display the lock screen’ setting
  • Toggle it to ‘Enabled’ and click ‘OK’

After this you will be prompted with the login screen, which you may want to keep if more than one person uses your computer. However, if this is not required for you, just bypass it.

One-click shut down

To shut down a Windows 8 PC, you have to bring up the Charms menu for this, just click on Settings, - > Power - > Shut down. You can avoid this roundabout process by creating a shortcut for 'Shut down' and pinning it to the taskbar.

When you are in desktop mode, right click and from the menu select “New shortcut”. A window will open and then in the location field, type “shutdown /s /t 0” and enter a name for the shortcut. Select an icon for the new shortcut and save it. Then you can just click on this shortcut to shut down the system. For easy access, drag the icon on to the taskbar to pin it there.

Boot directly into desktop

By default, Windows 8 requires you to go through a password screen during the boot process before accessing the Start screen / desktop. But you can easily disable it. When you are on the Start screen, type “netplwiz” and hit enter. Then select your user account and follow the on-screen instructions to boot directly into the desktop.

Running two apps side by side

Any app can be pinned to the left or right-hand side of the screen. For example, open the People app and then press the “Windows Key +. (Period)” to move that app to the right-hand side of the screen, pressing the same keys again will move it to the left-hand side, and again repeating the action (pressing the same keys) will make it full screen. While an app is pinned, any other app or program can be opened and loaded into the available space on the screen.

Use Windows Hot Corners

The corners on your screen provide you different Windows features. Bottom Left-hand corner of the screen will allow you to access the Start screen, if you’re in the Start screen and have the Desktop open; this corner will open the Desktop from the Start screen.

Moving the mouse to the top-left corner and then down will display all the apps running on your computer. Clicking and dragging any of these apps to the left or right-hand side of the screen will snap that app to that side of the screen.  On the full right-hand side of the screen will be given access to the Windows Charms.

The above mentioned are top 10 tips and tricks for using Windows 8 OS. Whenever you are using the Windows 8 OS, just make sure you use these tips, to make your Windows 8 experience more comfortable and easy. In case if you have experienced any data loss on Windows 8 then do not worry, just make use of Remo Recover Windows application is one of the smartest and user friendly tool to restore all data lost from Windows 8 OS installed machines including other versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc. Moreover, this tool is also has capabilities to recover partition on Windows 8 in few steps.


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