How Do I Track Outlook Email Messages?

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Sometimes, you want track email messages which have been sent to others. It can be done by setting delivery report, voting, follow up actions, etc.  These options help you to track your email messages. To know how to add these options to track your Outlook email messages, keep on reading…

Phase #1: Setting Delivery or Read receipt

Once you set delivery receipt, you will be notified that email has been delivered to recipients or not whereas Read receipt is used to alert you that email is opened by respective recipients. Follow below mentioned steps to get delivery and read receipt.

  • Go to File tab and click on Options followed by Mail
  • Then go down and under Tracking, select Delivery receipt confirming the message was delivered to the recipient's e-mail server or Read receipt confirming the recipient viewed the message check box.
  • To track receipt responses, you can select Always send a read receipt check box

Phase #2: Add Voting Buttons

This option is useful only if you use Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Exchange Server 2003, or Exchange Server 2007 account.

  • Go to File tab and click on Options
  • Under Tracking, press Use Voting buttons

Next, You will see these options

  1. Approve;Reject -if you want to get approval on a decision from recipients, then select this option
  2. Yes;No – To get final yes or a no.
  3. Yes;No;Maybe - This voting option offers recipients a third option.
  4. Custom -   Even you can create your own custom voting buttons

In case, you chose custom option, then go through below mentioned steps to set your own custom buttons

  1. Go to Properties and check Use voting buttons checkbox under Voting and Tracking options
  2. Then, select default button options or delete the default options
  3. Enter the name you want for your custom button and use semicolons to separate the button names

Phase #3- Flag a Message  

You can manage your email messages by flagging option.

  1. Go to message list and open the message for which you want to set a flag.
  2. Select Follow Up and then click the type of flag that you want to set.

To set a reminder for flagged message, go to Message tab and under Options group, select Follow Up. Next, click on Add Reminder.

Even, Outlook offers an option to add flag to the recipient. It gives deadline alerts to recipients. To do this, go to Message tab followed by Options group. Next, select Follow Up, and then press Flag for Recipients. For including reminder to the receiver, check the Reminder check box. You can even change date and time for the remainder.

These methods help you to track your email messages. You can also use third party software to track your mail. But, some of them are very costly, hence it is better to opt these handy methods to get track of your mail.

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