Transfer iPad Camera Roll to Mac

Photos captured and videos shot on iPad’s camera all will be saved in camera roll folder. This lets you import or transfer these files onto your Mac or Windows PCs. Not just that it also helps you to backup your important pics and free up some space. In order to transfer iPad images from camera roll to Mac computers you need some photo importing tools - iPhoto and Image Capture. Listed below are the steps for importing iPad pics to Mac:

Import photos using Import Capture:

  • First connect your iPad to your  Mac computer and turn it ‘ON’
  • Unlock the device using the passcode
  • Then just launch Image Capture and from the Devices list, select your iPad
  • You can make use of the buttons at the bottom of the Image Capture window to view the images either as thumbnails, list or even to rotate or delete images.
  • Then choose the location to save the imported images or choose the app to open the image from the Import To pop-up menu
  • In case you want to only few images, then just select those photos, click Import else, to import all the photos in the camera roll, click on Import All
  • If you wish to erase the images from your iPad after importing them to Mac then choose “Delete after Import” option.  Also, you can even choose individual images from your device and press the Delete key, if you need to keep some of those imported pics.

Import images using iPhoto

  • Connect your iPad to your Mac machine using a USB cable
  • Unlock your device with a passcode and open the iPhoto application on your Mac.
  • Now, your iPhoto shows you all the pictures saved in your iPad camera roll
  • Just check all images and select the photos you want to import and then, click on Import Selected option or else click on Import All option to transfer all pictures
  • Once the transfer process is complete, you will be prompted whether you want to delete or keep photos after import, as per your need select the option
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