Troubleshooting 3 Most Weird Mac Problems

Most of us are familiar with Mac and really liked it due to various reasons. The user experience, the machine, the operating performance and much more. There is a huge number of people who like to work on Mac. Although there are certain issues related to Mac that seems strange for a nice machine. We will have a look at the strange issues with using Mac. And find out how to troubleshoot 3 most weird Mac problems.

There are a number of issues such as slow moving mouse track, sudden closing of applications and impulsive screen etc. These issues arise out of running the Mac is different environments or just out of time. There are a number of people who face strange behavior on Mac at some point in time. Let us explore these issues and solve it.

Awkward Mouse/Track Behavior

You can see the Mouse or your Trackpad working strange sometimes. With ghost clicking, or clicks not working, loss of input information and much more. This can be caused due to hardware or other reasons.  This is an experience that makes everyone frustrated at some point in time.

To troubleshoot this issue, you have to make a small hardware troubleshoot initially. There can be some reasons associated with the hardware.

  • Try to clean the lint or junk stuck in the optical mouse or light.
  • Try to clean the Trackpad and see if the connections are intact.
  • There can be an issue with the battery of your mouse.

Apart from the hardware, if you are done with all the hardware cleaning and changing, go for a software fix. There are preference files in your computer, you should trash the preference files and reboot the Mac. This will be able to resolve your issue of mouse behavior.

Application Error

Sometimes you get a message before opening an App ‘damaged and can’t be opened’. This error is the indication of non-operable application in your computer. This happens at times when you update your Mac or install some external application. You can even get this error message for frequently used applications.

To fix this problem of un-operable applications on your Mac, you can go through a small troubleshooting step. This can be done using the cache deletion on Mac.

Go to the Finder window – Select Go > Go to Folder

Type “Library/Caches” in the text box that appears.

You can remove the data that is displayed.

Alternatively, you can clear the PRAM by restarting your Mac and Holding Command, P and R with your keyboard.

Time Machine Won’t Backup Mac

Time machine is provided by Apple to its users for securing their data. This is one of the most useful platforms when you are dealing with Mac.  The time machine has been avoiding the Mac users to create backups. This seems to be a weird problem for the users of Mac. There are a number of backup options, but as Time machine is specially created for Mac, it has to work fine.

To troubleshoot the problem and try again to create a backup in Time Machine:

  • Shut Down the device and disconnect the power chord.
  • Reconnect after a minute and keep it shut.
  • Press and release the power button for a few seconds.
  • Press Cmd+Option+P+R. Before the gray screen appears.
  • Continue to hold the keys until the computer starts and gives the startup sound thrice.

So here are some of the weird issues with using Mac. These are not an all time thing, such issues arise very rarely. But when they do, it’s a menace for the users. So if at any time you find such strange behavior from your Mac. Go through these steps and troubleshoot all these weird issues.

In a case of deletion of data due to any application error, you can take help of external applications. There are third party apps that help in the recovery of your information from your Mac. You can find software to recover iMac hard drive data, tool to retrieve data on Macbook and all the computers.

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