Troubleshoot Not a Valid Win32 Application Problem

Factors such as infected files, incompatible files, bad files and hardware incompatibility could cause the “Not a valid win 32 application” problem while opening a file or even after starting up PC. It is one of the most common problem and is faced by many Windows operating system users across the world. But, no need to worry because you can easily fix this issue by following some simple instructions. Once you repaired this issue, your system will return to normal.

  • If you are trying to install a program from a disc then taka it out from CD ROM drive and clean the disc using soft cloth. Again, place the disc into the CD ROM and try to install the software again. Proceed to next instructions if these instructions not work
  • Click on “Start” and then on “Computer”. In the opened window, choose local disk (C:), right click on it and then choose “Properties” and click on “Tools” tab to proceed further. Click on “Check Now” option and then on “Continue” when the user-account control prompt displays
  • Go with the options “Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”. Click on the “Schedule check disk” option when the prompt displays. Later, Reboot your system, and allow the error-checking tool to scan and repair the problem causing the “Not a valid win32 application” error message
  • Click on “Start”---“All Programs”--- “Accessories” ---“System Tools” and then choose “Disk Defragmenter”. Now click on “Defragment Now” and allow the tool to defragment your system
  • Install the program in a different directory if the error displays when you try to install a program
  • Make sure that the file is compatible with your version of Windows and notice system requirements that is needed to install a program

By following above steps you can fix a not a valid Win32 application problem and can install program successfully. In case your system Windows file system is corrupted severely and you have come any data loss scenarios then don’t worry too much. Just you go through any data recovery software like Remo Recover Windows and restore data which is lost due to any reasons. You can also utilize this software to perform deleted data recovery from computer.

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