Troubleshoot Screen Blackouts on a Nexus One

Google Nexus One is an ingenious Android phone that is designed and manufactured by HTC as Google’s first Nexus phone. It is over-hyped by its gorgeous display, a lightning-fast processor, and a loaded feature set. Its enhanced voice capabilities work flawlessly, to make your phone deliver solid performance. Moreover, it is designed to run on Android 2.1 version, with these Nexus One has become the best smartphone in the market.

However, with all these eye catching and useful features, there also come few errors. As we know nothing is perfect, as the case with this Nexus One. One of the commonly noticed one is Screen blackouts. As and when you are working with the phone, your Android screen might turn black. This can be a problem on this phone as it is set to timeout the bright screen to save battery life. You can easily override these blackout issues by following a few troubleshooting steps.

Here are some easy handful steps to troubleshoot such screen blackout issues on your Nexus One. Read further:

  1. First and foremost, Go to “Settings” button and tap on it, and locate the "Display" option from the list of options presented to you and touch on it
  2. Now, you will receive another list of options, scroll down through the options and touch the “Screen Timeout” option
  3. Then, just take a look at the highlighted option, which is anywhere from “15 seconds” to “Never Timeout” If the phone's software has been upgraded, this option may be labeled "Never Turn Off" instead
  4. Just tap the “Never Timeout” or “Never Turn Off” then hit the “Home” button. Now once you press a button or touch the screen, your Nexus One screen will be set to never blackout
  5. Turn the screen off by briefly pressing the Power button

That’s it, now your Nexus One will never experience blackouts until you enable it again. Isn’t it simple? But, be careful while performing this function. In case you opt a wrong option, you will lose your entire data stored on your Nexus One. In such data loss situations just make use of the Remo Recover Android tool to get back all your Android data back. Be cautious while troubleshooting and make sure you opt a correct option.

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