Troubleshoot Startup Problems in Windows XP

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Microsoft has stopped providing any security updates,non-security hotfixes, or any free or paid-assisted support options, so your computer is more vulnerable to threats and viruses online. So if you have a Windows XP PC that is not booting up. Read this article for solutions to fix Windows XP startup and booting issues

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Many Windows XP users face start-up problems when there are hardware driver issues, software incompatibility, formation of bad hard disk sectors, and damaged system files. All these factors prevent your system from booting safely. If you are struggling to fix it then follow below mentioned steps to troubleshoot it.

Method 1

  • In the beginning, start the PC and click the F8 key on your keyboard frequently, until you get the Windows Advanced Boot options screen.
  • Choose the Safe Mode option to run your PC and Press the Enter key
  • As you get Windows Screen, Click on Start, and then choose Control Panel. Select Classic View in the left column, if applicable
  • Choose the Add/Remove Programs option and uninstall any new applications you have installed recently. In addition, uninstall any recent Windows updates you have installed.
  • In case you have not made any changes to your PC i.e. not installed any new applications or if you have made both software and hardware changes recently.
  • Click on the Hardware tab, and then click on Device Manager
  • Have a look at the list of device managers installed in the system and if you notice any red or yellow marked device managers then click on them
  • Click on the Driver tab, and then click on Roll Back Driver if you recently updated the driver. Click on Disable to disable the hardware if you installed the device just prior to experiencing startup problems
  • Now scan your system with an updated antivirus application
  • Close all opened applications and reboot the PC

Method 2

When your Windows XP won’t boot you can use System Restore, It constantly monitors the system's critical components in the background as soon as changes occur System Restore makes immediate backup copes called restore points.

By default system Restore creates restore points every 24 hrs.

Steps to Use System Restore to Fix Windows XP Booting issue

  • Restart the computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  • You can see “Please select the operating system to start” or hear a single beep.
  • Press F8 to open the Windows Advanced Options menu, select the Safe Mode item and press Enter.
  • After booting into Windows XP safe mode, click on the Start button to access the All programs| Accessories| System Tools menu, and select System Restore.
  • In the System Restore Wizard Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time is selected as my default you can click on Next.
  • Follow the wizard to select a restore point to begin the restore procedure.

After following the above-mentioned steps properly, Windows XP start-up problems could be resolved, and your system to run as usual. However, there are chances of losing your hard disk data due to these problems such as Windows showing a blue screen of death or Windows start-up problems.

In such a situation, if you wish to recover lost data then go with Remo Recover Windows software has all the capabilities to restore data even though from a dead hard disk in a few steps. In addition, you can easily perform raw file system recovery on Windows 7 including Windows XP, Vista, and 8,10,11.

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