Troubleshooting "OST file cannot be accessed" Error

The advancement in technology has definitely made things easier. Life has not only gotten easier with sending emails and receiving them but also has gotten faster. To be able to send files and folders on the email of important documents has made work life so much easier. But every time you encounter an error message you feel there possibly cannot be anything more irritating than this at that particular time.

Well, It's ok to think that especially, if you are unable to access your Outlook data file or if you need to troubleshoot because of an error message that says 'ost file cannot be accessed' or OST cannot be opened. You don't have to be irritated or worried over something like this as there are some simple and easy ways to troubleshoot a problem like this. Curious to find out how? Continue to read further to know how to go about it.

Fixing the error:

Below mentioned are the simple steps to fixing the problem in a matter of minutes.

1. All you need to do is to click on Start and then go to Control Panel.

2. Then in Control Panel, click on Mail, when you do that a small window opens in that click on the option Setup email accounts and directories.

3. Immediately, another small window opens at the left side bottom is a small click box Change Folder, click on that. When you do that another small window opens there click on New Outlook Data File button.

4. When you do that another window opens where you can rename the file. Once, you have done that click Ok.

5. The moment you clicked OK, in the previous window your new file was showing and it was accessible, so at the end right side of that window click OK.

6. The moment you clicked OK you are back to the Change Folder window where your file saved with new name shows. Once, it shows then all you need to do is close or exit from all the remaining window open I.e. exit Account settings and launch Outlook.

7. Now go back to start, click on Outlook and you are easily able to access your files.

Conclusion: This was one of the easiest ways to troubleshoot an issue similarly, if you do encounter more issues then all you need to remember is that fixing outlook ost file is easy and simple.

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