Turn Off Unwanted Windows 10 Apps Running in the Background

In today’s busy world it’s always nice to get a notification of a new email or an alarm clock reminding you of an appointment. Yes, Windows 10 has this amazing feature of running these apps in the background. These apps get updated with live tiles and they save you from spending time while waiting for it to get new data. True, it’s made a lot of things easy and some apps are required to be running in the background. But, should all the apps need to be running in the background? Is that really necessary? I mean how much of battery is being drained out with all these apps running in the background.

It's quite obvious that it has been a concern especially when your work gets stranded simply because the battery is getting drained out. But what if you could have the important required apps continue to run in the background and all the other apps can be stopped. Well, this would definitely keep the battery running longer. But is it possible to do so? Yes, but how? Eager to know then continue to read the article.

Stopping Windows 10 apps from running in the background:

It’s quite simple so, just follow these simple steps and you can stop all the unwanted apps from running in the background.

1. Go to start and click on Settings.

turning off Window 10 apps running in the background

2. In the Settings window click on Privacy.

3. In the Privacy window, on the left side list of that window at the bottom is Background Apps click on it.

Turning off Windows 10 apps running in the background

4. On the left side of the window will appear a list of all the apps that are running in the background. Next to apps is an ON/OFF toggle. Remember, by default every app will be ON at this point of time. So, you will have to turn them OFF.

Turning off Windows 10 apps running in the background

5. As mentioned earlier you can choose which app you want running in the background and yes, apps like email, alarm clock, calendar are important but you can always turnoff apps like candy crush, music apps etc.

Conclusion: Now that you how to turn off the unwanted apps and keep the important needed ones on, the battery's draining out speed has definitely reduced.

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One comment on “Turn Off Unwanted Windows 10 Apps Running in the Background
  1. Gary says:

    This doesn’t seem to matter on my system since I have every app disabled and background apps disabled. yet they still run in the background

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