Simple Way to Turning your Old Hard Drive into an External Hard Drive

Whenever we update our desktops or laptops we are left with old Hard Drives. Now for most us, it does ache because somewhere we still have that small little doubt that says what if I have not transferred a file or a photo that I might need in future and save it. What if I can still use that old hard drive? Well, to those of us who have had to part with an old hard drive from a laptop or desktop we understand that sentiment and thought. But what if you are told that there is a way to turn your Old Hard Drive into an External Hard drive. I am sure you will think that will it be possible, how much will it cost me? From where will I get the technician? After all, not all of us are techies.

Relax! It is simple and easy to do. Curious? Well, let’s end the chase and get to the point.

To be able to convert your old Hard Drive into an External Drive, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

For Laptop:

Before we begin let’s cover all the things you will need to convert that old hard drive to an external hard drive.

1.You will need an enclosure. Well, your laptop hard drive is generally 2.5 inch. So, you will need to get an enclosure that is of that size.

2. You will have to pick the external interface that will determine what kind of connections you will use to connect your drive. Generally, you will go with a USB 2.0 because any computer can connect with that but if your computer can take a USB 3.0 then you would probably want to choose that as they are known to be faster.

3. When you are getting an enclosure, you will notice that they are available in either aluminum or plastic. You would want to choose aluminum as they will help keep your drive cooler.

For Desktop:

Again, there are a few things you will need to convert your old hard drive into an external hard drive.

1. You will need an enclosure for your old hard drive. Well, your computer hard drive is 3.5 inch. So, you will need to get an enclosure that is of that particular size.

2. You should also know what kind of drive you are using. For the majority of the times, it is going to be SATA (Serial ATA) drive. But for those using older machines from before 2003, they will be mostly having PATA (Parallel ATA) drive.

3. An enclosure for your desktop hard drive will generally come with an adapter. This makes it a little heavier and bulkier for portability.

All you have to do now is place the drive into the enclosure and make sure it is carefully and properly screwed in with the screws and screwdriver it comes in.

Once you are done putting it all together. You can test the hard drive either you can take a look at all of the old files or you can wipe it clean and start storing new files.

While trying out new things if you delete data from unallocated hard drive then, do not panic because there is an easy and efficient way on, how to get back data from an unallocated hard drive?

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