Self Defense Guide to Protect your Kid from Smart Device Radiation

All time access to Smart Device brings health hazards on teens.

If you are a parent in today's technological world, you might be experiencing the above lines in real life.

52% kids between age group 6-12 use a laptop or computer and 75% kids under age 8 use a smartphone or tablet. This is the time when life really opens up for them. All of a sudden they are out on their own. So, it makes sense for parents to give them a Smartphone or a tablet.

Then you started feeling that awarding them with a phone or tablet was probably not a wise decision that you made. They seemed so glued with this new toy. And now you get worried about the health hazards of the excessive use of tablet or smartphone.

Reduced sleeping hours, anxiety, depression and obesity are just some of those hazards. But, has anyone considered rising radiation levels of Smartphones?

Certainly, every smartphone user should be aware of this issue as it’s not just a small thing.

Reports say “children face the highest risks of smartphone radiation”. In this science journal, L. Lloyd Morgan, senior science fellow at Environmental Health Trust demonstrates – children absorb more microwave radiation than adults.

Do devices like smartphones working based on RF frequency produce microwave radiation?

It’s natural to have a doubt like the one above.

Yes, they do; although at comparatively lesser levels. This radiation will be absorbed through human tissues and it generates a heating effect. You might be known about this - the rate at which this radiation is absorbed by the human body is measured by the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

In 2011, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified mobile phone radiation under Group B – possibly carcinogenic group.

So, there are risks, at least in the long run.

How Smartphone Radiation Affects Kids?

Kids have thinner skulls and developing brains makes them more vulnerable to smartphone radiation than adults. And in these days, many kids use smart devices on a regular basis.

As per research, children are more likely to suffer from memory loss, sleeping disorders due to smartphone radiation exposure.

Moreover, children today are likely to use a cellphone at a much younger age than their parents did, so the chances of a long-term exposure will be high.

That’s why you need to limit your kid’s over-exposure to smartphones.

Factors Affecting Smartphone Radiation absorption on Kids

Roughly, these 4 factors are primarily responsible for absorption of harmful radiation generated by Smart Devices:

  1. The type of phone being used
  2. Distance of user from phone’s antenna
  3. Distance from cell phone tower
  4. Time spend on smartphone

How to Reduce the Impact of Smartphone Radiation on Kids?

By taking these major factors as the main concern, it’s possible to decrease the extent of smartphone radiation on kids. These instructions may help you...

Using Phones with Low SAR Value: Remember what we talked about SAR value. Nowadays, most countries have defined maximum SAR levels emitted by mobile devices. In the United States, according to FCC guidelines phones should have an SAR level at or below 1.6 watts per kg. So, make sure that your kid is using phones with lesser SAR value.

Adjusting the Distance from Smartphone to a Kid’s Body: Moving a cell phone even one inch from the body, will greatly help to reduce exposure from radiation. By doubling the distance of phone from the body, the impact of radiation can be reduced up to be 4 times.

Distance from cell phone tower: Microwaves from a cell phone tower can travel around 2 miles in hilly areas and even 45 miles no or few obstacle areas.  More a user moves from the catch area of a cell phone tower, the more he/she is safe. Same for kids too.

Time Spend on Smartphone: Kids can easily get addicted to games, apps and websites on a smartphone. Normally once they opened such a program, they won’t bother about time spend. As the time they spend on a smartphone increases, the chances of getting affected by radiation also increases. So, controlling their smartphone usage has a significant role in this radiation prevention.

Luckily, Remo MORE - a parental control solution,  helps parents to limit the Smartphone usage. The “Controlled Access Mode” of this app allows parents to control screen time by blocking installed apps, games and internet on kids' devices on a timely basis. Once this feature is activated,  the smartphone will become like a basic phone with no apps on it. So, the device is more likely to be kept aside by kids themselves and that reduces the effect of radiation.

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