Uninstall or Delete Software Applications from Mac

If you are a newbie to Mac system and little confused on how to delete or uninstall some wanted apps, don’t worry. There is a solution. Sometimes, these stubborn apps get the best of us into trouble in removing them. In this article, you’ll get to know some of the methods to uninstall or delete these Mac applications.

Uninstall or Delete Programs Using Applications Folder

When it comes to deleting or uninstalling apps on Mac. After adopting NeXT OS in 2001, Apple introduced Mac OS X and maintained to separate user’s working area from system files just like UNIX.

So in Mac, all the programs or software apps are stored in Applications directory and how that app can be configured by a user are stored in “~/Library/Preferences”.

Furthermore, you’ll also find some supporting files stored in “~/Library/Application Support”.

You’ll see bundles of files stuffed together are stored in the Applications folder. Actually, these files can be moved to other location as well. well, with regard to deleting or uninstalling the app, you just have drag-and-drop the application into Trash. As simple as that. But, you have to log in your Mac as an administrator to delete or uninstall the apps to Trash. If not, it will ask for an administrator password.

If you are sure that you’ll not require these applications again, you can empty the Trash. This will be helpful in freeing up the disk space. To empty the Trash can, right click on the icon and choose empty trash to confirm it by clicking Empty Trash.

You can even use keyboard shortcuts to empty the Trash. Press ‘Command+Shift+Delete’ or ‘Command+Shift+Option+Delete’, to empty the Tash straight away without being prompted for confirmation.

Uninstall or Delete Programs Using Preferences

Even though you have deleted them, they may be still remaining in the system hard drive. You can delete the preferences of those applications from the Library Folder. Usually, the Library folder is hidden, to make it appear, hold the Option button and click Go. You should be able to see the Library folder in the Menu. Now, search for the particular app by its name in ~/Library/Application Support and ~/Library/Preferences folders. Right click on the app and select Move to Trash and empty the Trash too.

Other Ways to Uninstall or Delete Programs

The apps that you installed from App Store can be deleted or uninstalled from the Launchpad. For all other programs, you have to follow the above-mentioned procedure.

Press and hold the app’s icon until it starts wiggling, you’ll see an X mark on the left top corner of the app (you can see this only on the apps that are purchased from App Store). Click on X mark, you’ll be prompted to confirm the deletion. Once confirmed, the program will end up in Trash. And you know the process to empty the Trash.


Removing unwanted apps from Mac system is easy if you follow the methods correctly. If by any chance you deleted the wrong folder which contained important documents and wondering can data be recovered from MacBook Pro, Mac Mini or any Mac devices, fret not. You can easily retrieve all your data in just a few clicks.

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