Upgrade Your iPod OS With iTunes

There are millions of iPods scattered around the world with all the attractive functions. A number of iPod models have been released over the past few years like iPod Classic, iPod Nano etc. Compared to the other products of Apple like iPhone, Macbook etc. there are quite less new models of iPod. So are the upgrades of their operating systems. The OS upgrade for iPod is a rare event, but you always should be willing to upgrade your iPod with iTunes.

These upgrades are usually free of cost for the iPod users and they are quite useful for your device. There are a number of bug fixes for your iPod OS in every one of those upgrades. iPod is one of the most famous music devices that has been developed in past few decades. There are so many people across the globe who use iPod and carry it all most of the time.

You can always upgrade your iPod OS when you get a chance. It is a healthy procedure for your device. Here is a small guide to take you through the upgrade process of your iPod.


The process of an upgrade is a simple one, but there is some arrangement that you should do before the upgrade. Here is a list of few things that you need to collect before the upgrade of your iPod.

Your iPod – classic, shuffle, Nano etc.

iTunes Software – preferably the latest version of iTunes

A USB cable – compatible with your iPod

Computer – laptop, PC

Update your iPod OS

Once you have arranged all the required material for the upgrade, initiate with the procedure of update:

1 - Connect the USB cable to your computer in one end and iPod to the other.

2 - If iTunes does not launch, launch it.

3 - Start the Sync of your iPod to the computer – This will automatically take the backup of your files.

If the system is not backing up, sync your iPod manually and take the backup. You will hardly need it, but in case things go wrong, you can perform deleted iPod file restoration anytime you want.

4 – Click on the iPod icon – You can see it just below the play button.

5 – In the left-hand column, click Summary

6 – The summary is very important as it tells many things about your device. It shows the version of operating system and if there are upgrades available or not. If it shows for an update, then click update your software. There are other options to upgrade, if it does not display update, then click Check for updates.

7 – Your computer will prompt you with a few dialogue box that may ask you for the administrator password and confirmation pop-up.

8 – Click next - Your computer downloads the latest software and installs it on your iPod.

9 – The device generally restarts by itself but if it doesn’t, restart your device.

Hence, your iPod is updated and you can now use the latest version of operating system on your iPod. Upgrading iPod is among the easiest tasks for anyone. The only problem being its rare upgrades. So whenever you see an update coming in the market, do upgrade your device with the latest software.

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