Upgrade Macbook Pro to SSD

Do you want your MacBook Pro to work like a charm and obtain more performance efficiency out of MacBook Pro? Then upgrading your MacBook Pro Hard drive to SSD will be the best option as it increases the response and the throughput of your MacBook Pro. Just read on to know how to upgrade your MacBook Pro to SSD…

But “Why only SSD?”

Unlike normal hard disks SSD does not have moving parts in it which makes it more rigid and robust in nature. Additionally, it has many advantages over traditional hard drives. Some of these important advantages include very fast transfer speed or data throughput making its response to be fast, reduced physical and logical damage compared to other hard drives, additionally it does not get affected by electrostatic signals.

How to upgrade MacBook Pro to SSD?

Upgrade is not a simple task thus if there is any kind of interruption or if the process is not performed correctly then you are likely to lose data from the existing hard drive connected to your MacBook Pro. Therefore the very first thing what you need to perform is to backup the data in some external storage media. Once done, start the upgrading process.

Actually, there are various ways to upgrade your MacBook Pro. Among all those cloning the existing hard drive data to SSD is the most practiced way to upgrade MacBook Pro to SSD. Just follow the steps explained below to accomplish the task successfully:

  • Connect SSD hard disk as an external drive using suitable adapter to your MacBook Pro
  • You can make use of Apple’s inbuilt Disk utility to perform cloning
  • If you are selecting Disk utility program then open it in Applications folder
  • Select SSD icon and click on Partition tab. Underneath Partition Layout click on “1 Partition”. Now at the bottom of the same window click on “Options” button, after which a new window will open, here select “GUID Partition Table
  • Select “First Aid tab” and click on “Verify Disk Permissions”, once this process is completed click on “Repair Disk Permissions” option
  • Shutdown your MacBook Pro and then restart it holding “Option” key. Now boot your MacBook Pro in “Recovery Disk
  • Select “Reinstall Mac OS X” by choosing SSD as destination disk
  • Once OS is installed move all those files from your original hard drive into SSD hard drive

Install SSD hard drive into your MacBook Pro internally by detaching original hard drive. Remove the back pane of your MacBook Pro by unscrewing it and then unbolt original hard disk gently. Attach SSD hard drive by making necessary connections and close the back pane. Now turn ON to see if your MacBook is working fine.

However, at times if there are any kind of interruptions or if the process results incomplete then there are chances of losing data from your MacBook drive. In case you don’t have proper data backup then use Remo Recover tool and effectively perform MacBook hard disk data recovery and get back your entire data within few minutes.

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