Use Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

With Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, users can get more accuracy while using the device and it has a whole lot of new features to look forward to!! Apple Pencil has been designed with leading edge technology which expands the versatility of multi touch. Need to do a simple drawing or an important engineering design? This device makes all your work outstanding and amazing with more precision. You can scribble, sketch, annotate, and edit anything using this Pencil in your iPad Pro device.

Apple Pencil can be used as multiple tool in your iPad Pro device to sketch a drawing, painting or to design a blueprint etc. It simplifies the way you use the iPad, so that you can use it on the screen directly. With handwriting recognition on top of typing support, the iPad transcribes everything you write with Apple Pencil into an action.

Apple Pencil scans the device twice more often than touch. It can detect pixel position of screen easily, and do operations like force, tilt etc. Depending upon how harder you press it on the screen, it will create strokes according to that. Light press creates light strokes and harder you press, the strokes gets wider and higher. As an added advantage, it can be used simultaneously with your touch or a ruler.

Make use of most of your Apple iOS 9 apps using this device. It can work with the applications from App store. You can also use of this device to send an email of creative painting to someone. Mark up the important PDF document using Apple Pencil and store it.

Use Apple Pencil with Your iOS Apps

While using Paper by FiftyThree app, Apple Pencil acts as a great companion with it to create an outline, color and write some fabulous ideas for your new presentations.

The Adobe Comp CC application in iPad Pro comprises of special layouts, professional vector graphics, images and fonts. You can use Apple Pencil in Adobe Comp CC to produce an advanced design just by tapping the simple circles or squares into active image placeholders.

Photos can just turn awesome by editing it with Apple Pencil. Pixelmator application in iPad Pro edit the photos stored in iPad to make it jaw-dropping. The combo of Apple Pencil and 16K image support enables Pixelmator to create a professional images using advanced features like layer-based painting, cloning, and blending modes.

Speaking of Apple Pencil battery power, it needs to be charged with its lightning connector at the bottom which can be plugged into a lightning port of iPad Pro.  With 15 seconds of charging you can get 30 minutes of battery life and the maximum battery life is up to 12 hours.

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