How to Use Menu Bar in Mac OS Sierra?

Mac OS Sierra is equipped with a title bar that provides access to a wide number of options. This ribbon is known as the menu bar of your Mac OS and is easily accessible. This is useful for every user as it gives us an opportunity to utilize all the handy utilities and other Mac options. Take a look and know how to use the menu bar on your Mac OS Sierra and some nice facts about it.

When you log in to your Mac system or start your new Mac OS Sierra. There is a menu bar which mostly appears at the top of your home window. This might not be visible sometimes, due to the hide settings. It doesn’t appear because the menu bar is hidden and your system is working in full-screen mode. A complete utilization of the menu bar is barely even practiced. Most of the Sierra users do not try to get their hands on, most are just accustomed to operating without it.

A numebr of times, users face a problem of deleting files from Mac. This arises out of an accidental pressing of keys, using application features, emptying trash etc. In such cases, a user must also know about possible ways of recovering apple trash. Here is a brief guide to using Mac OS Sierra Menu bar

The Menu Bar

As I told earlier, merely viewing the home screen will show you the menu bar. The menu bar is one of the simplest elements in your operating system. It spreads across the screen with options like File, Finder, Edit etc. these options give you a number of choices to access directly from your home screen.

You can opt for automatically hiding the Mac menu bar using general preference. Most of the computers have a menu bar hidden by default. The menu bar is used to choose commands, perform tasks and check status. Here are some of the menu bar functions that you will like:

Apple Menu

This is one of the first menu options, you might notice in the Mac OS Sierra menu bar. If your menu is hidden by default, unhide it using the keys Control+F2 to make the menu bar visible. Some of the most interesting features can be accessed using this menu bar.

The apple menu contains all the recent opened applications or frequently used options. It also has a list of options to update your software. When you click on the apple menu, you will see a dropdown with options like App store, restart, log out and recent items.

You can access these options from the same apple menu from the menu bar. The apple menu is only visible when you move the pointer to the top of the screen.

Applications Menu

The app menu is displayed on the right of Apple menu in the Mac OS Sierra menu bar. You can access the application options from the menu bar. There are a lot of applications that are displayed in the menu bar, like Safari and Finder. When you access the menu bar, you can see these names in bold on the menu bar.

Apart from the Application menu on the far left of the menu bar, there are other options. The menu bar consists of other options like File, Edit, Format which help you access files on your computer. There are options like Window and Help that allow you to get your hands on more options.

At the left section of the menu bar, you can find the options like those discussed above. However, there are other options too that are of great significance. These options are found as icons in the right-hand corner of Mac OS Sierra Menu bar.

Status Icons

The right side of bar is dominated by small icons that are dynamic at times. This collection is called status menu or icon menu. The status menus are part of the menu bar and carry similar significance as the right-hand options.

This status menu gives you access to certain options in a quick way. The small icons blinking on the right end of the menu bar are called quick access icons. They allow you to change certain settings just by a single click. It becomes quite easy to access options like WIFI and Bluetooth and change them with just a click.

You can also add some preference icons along with the existing icons in menu bar. You can add Volume control icon to make adjustments to your computer volume. There is also an option to add status icons for many applications. The status icon for an application can be added at the time of installation.

The Mac OS Sierra menu bar has a great number of features. It gives the user access to a number of options. The apple menu is very frequently used by a lot of users. This menu bar enhances the user-friendliness of Mac OS Sierra as a whole.

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