Use of Developer Options in Android

Are you aware of Android “developer options” that is hidden in your device? Actually, by enabling this option you can perform most of the things like capturing bug reports on to your respective Android device, display CPU usage on screen to measure the impact of software, enable debugging over USB, information on screen regarding hardware layers, updates on GPU views, layout bonds, tweak animation settings, allow mock location, create desktop backup password and many more. These activities would help you know your device better and monitor its performance.

Let’s Briefly Discuss the Above Mentioned Android Developer Option Features here:

Enable USB Debugging: It is one of the most widely used hidden options in Android mobile phones that allow applications on your respective system \ laptop to interface with Android gadget over USB connection.

Tweak Animation Settings: Whenever you move screens and apps in Android, you will notice that there is animation added in between. You can choose to speed up this animation or completely switch it off. The lesser number you prefer, faster the animation will be.

  • First go to Settings -> Developer Options
  • Now scroll down and look for transition animation scale, Windows animation scale and even animator duration scale
  • Next, adjust the scale for animation you desire

Allow Mock Location: This option facilitates you to manually set fake GPS location, making your phone think it is somewhere you actually aren’t. But to do this first you have to allow mock location for app to work. Enable this option in simple two steps:

  • Initially go to Settings - > Develop options.
  • Look for Allow Mock Location and select on it to enable.

Show all ANRs: Enabling this ANR (Android Not Responding) is a dialog box which help user to know each and every process that is operating and why the service or process unexpectedly terminated.

In addition to these there are many more things you can perform by making use of “Develop Option” in Android. Normally most of the user doesn’t use these settings in their Android Smartphones. However, this short and sweet page explained some of the terms and settings for user reference. Well, while using this option you would get to know the performance tweaks of your Android device like unwanted programs running, processor speed available memory and many others that are slowing down your Phone. Just fix these issues with help of Remo MORE, the best app to Speedup Android device. It scans your entire device quickly, identifies all the issues slowing down your device and fixes them in one click to render a high speed Android.

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