How to use Windows 10 Photos App?

Windows 10’ default Photos app is more or less similar to Mac’s Photos app than any of the photo editing programs present in Windows before. This program replaced “Windows Photo Viewer” which was the default program for opening raster images in Windows. Some new Windows 10 users are really frustrated about this change – and there’s no direct option to revert to the old program. Perhaps, this frustration might come from lesser knowledge about the new program. So before trying any of the new programs or attempting to roll back to Windows Photo Viewer, try Photos app once – it has some special features that can be interesting to you.

1. Finding the Photos App

Locating Phots app in Windows 10 is an easy job. Just click on Start button and go through installed programs list. Your installed apps and programs will be listed in alphabetical order. From there, you’ll get Photos app.

using windows 10 photos app

If you can’t find it on program list, ask Cortana for the program.

2. Importing Photos

Suppose you are connecting a USB flash drive with your Windows 10 PC. By default, Windows will ask you what action it should take on the USB drive. You can choose import using Photos app.

windows 10 photos app

These imported images can be organized into folders either by day or by month. By doing so, you can use Cortana to find photos from certain date/month ranges. For example, you can ask "Hey Cortana, show me photos from this November!"

At the same time, there’s no feature to add keyword tags to imported images as in Windows Photo Viewer.

3. Adding Images from other folders from your PC

By default, all the images from your My Pictures folder and OneDrive’s pictures folder will be added to Photos Collections. If you want to add more folders into Photos app, select Settings menu by clicking three dots option right to your account picture.

using windows 10 photos app

Here, you can add your custom folders by clicking “Add a folder” button. And, if you want you can disable showing your OneDrive content in Photos app.

4. Photo Operations in Batches

You can select multiple photos in this app and it lets you do copy, delete or share these photos all at once. Select all the images you want to perform an action, and select that action from the top right.

using windows 10 photos app

For sharing these pictures, you need to logged-in to any of the compatible apps including Mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

5.Editing your Photos

Photos app has a number of one fix options to carry out some of the basic fixes for it. It has a one-click photo enhancement option that completely changes sharpening levels of an image.

using windows 10 photos app

In editing pane, there are around 15 filters that you can choose. You can adjust color, warmth, clarity and vignette and remove red eye from the image. It’s also possible to crop and rotate the image as you wish.

Finally, there’s a draw option that features a pen, a pencil, a calligraphy pen and an eraser. You can adjust the size and color of each of these writing tools as well.

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