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Video Troubleshooting

How to Repair Corrupt AVI File on Mac?

Stuttering, freezing or improper audio and video synchronization indicates that your AVI video file is corrupt. The most common reason as to why an AVI file gets corrupted is incomplete information caused by interruptions while playing or transferring the file.…

8 Solutions to Fix Error 0xc00d36c4

Are you wondering how to fix the error 0xc00d36c4? In this article, you will learn hassle-free solutions on how to repair the error code 0xc00d36c4 . In case of severe corruption you can make use of Remo Video repair tool to easily repair the corruption

How to Repair AVI Files Using VLC Media Player

If you tried playing your AVI files on the VLC media player, Windows Media Player, or any other media player, but for some or the other reasons the videos were unplayable. Explained in this article is how you can make use of VLC media player to repair the AVI files. We also have a Powerful yet safest solution that is proven to fix corrupt AVI files within a few minutes with just a few simple clicks. Download the try the tool for free!!!

Know How to Fix Choppy Video Playback | Expert's Guide | 2021

Struggling with choppy video playback? 

Choppy or stuttering video is pretty annoying when you are trying to watch your favorite movie. Wondering how to fix Choppy video playback? Worry not, this article has everything you need to fix choppy or jerky or blurry playback issues. We have also provided an option to repair your video files just in case if they are damaged or corrupted with the help of professional video repair software. Happy Reading.

Repair Corrupt iPhone Video | 3 Clicks Only

Summary: Trouble playing video file shot on iPhone? Worried the video file is damaged or corrupt? Worry no more, this article has everything you need to know on how to repair corrupt iPhone videos like a professional with the help…

Can’t play 4k video on pc – Fix it Right Now

“4k video experience” just the sound of it can excite anyone. Evolution of technology made 4K video accessible even on streaming platforms. However, for playing 4K videos on your computer you will need the designated hardware. Even with the required…

How Do You View Dash Cam Footage on PC?

Dashcams nowadays play an important role in safe driving. Usually, the videos recorded on these cameras will be of AVI, MOV or MP4. To play these videos there are various video players available like VLC media player, and others. Usually,…

How to Play AVI files on Mac?

Summary: This article consists of 5 methods to fix unplayable AVI files on Mac. You can either use Remo Repair AVI tool as a quick fix or you can try the troubleshooting steps given such as finding the right codecs,…

How to Play MP4 Files on Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is one of the oldest and most used. Although Microsoft’s Windows Media Player supports wide variety of media file formats, there is one important file format that is missing. Yes, Windows Media Player doesn’t support playing .mp4…

Fastest way to convert MKV to MP4 video

Image Source: Dreamytricks MKV files are also called as Matroksa Video files. This file type is as similar as .AVI, .ASF and .MOV multimedia container file formats. MKV files are not supported by all type of media players. So a…

How to fix 0xC00D3E8E read only error?

When trying to delete old videos or while trying to edit your recent pictures uploaded from memory card of your camcorder, you might be obstructed by unexpected error 0xC00D3E8E: The property is read only. The problem is quite tricky as…

Solved - Windows Cannot Play AVI Files

Audio Video Interleave (AVI files) is a well-known video file format and multimedia container introduced by Microsoft in 1992. The file format allows the audio and video playback synchronization. It is a convenient video file format preferred by many users…

A Complete Guide to M2TS/MTS Video Codecs

Before we go into details of M2TS/MTS, it is important to understand what are codecs and why is it used. A video codec is short for encoder and decoder. It is a piece of software that compresses video storage and…

Solved - After Effects Won't Import MP4 Files

Looking to Import MP4 to After Effects? We all know that MP4 is supported by After Effects. However, many users have been facing issues when they try to import an MP4 file into After Effects. Why is this happening? And…

How to Play MOV Video File on Android

How to Play MOV Video File on Android

Unable to view or play MOV Videos on Android. This is because Android doesn’t support the QuickTime format. So, it is a little frustrating when you cannot play QuickTime MOV video on your Android tablet or Smartphone. No need to…