Ways to Enhance your Memory Card Performance

Slow Android Devices are one of the biggest time-sucks around, yet somehow we continue to unquestioningly use them, live with them and inevitably, complain about them. There are two ways to fix this – either change the device or change the memory card.

Or wait there is a third way too…

The third way is a high-speed memory card.  A high-speed memory card can improve the Android device performance significantly. This holds good also for photographers with a digital camera.

Why you Need High-Speed Memory Cards?

As the word says “High-Speed Memory cards are meant to do things faster. It means your Android device or Camera can write to the card faster, you can transfer files at great speed and read from the device with ease.

In simple words with high speed rated memory cards not only you’ll be able to take a lot of photos but also with an enhanced speed. Great transfer speed and upload time, you’ll save a lot of time.

What to do When you Don’t Have High-Speed Memory Cards?

The fact is you still have two options – either change the card or enhance the performance of memory card. While replacing the card sounds a feasible option but still, you can do a lot to enhance the performance of old memory card.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Run a Speed Test

Well, the idea behind running a speed test is to measure the current read/ write speed so that you can analyze later how much it has improved.  There are many open source tools available in Google Play Store, use any one they all are good unless they download malicious software.

For convenience, I am using SD Tools here… Testing speed is easy - You just need to launch the application, tap on Start speed test button and there you’ve Read & Write speed of memory card in beautiful digits.

Step 2:  Increase the Threshold read-ahead Memory Value

Once you get the current speed rate, note it down. Now you’ll need to download SD Booster app. SD- Booster will show the default setting of cache size – (say 1028 Kb or another number). To enhance the SD card performance, you’ll require maximizing this value…

(Note: You may need to play around with different numbers in order to reach max potential)

Next, is enter a new increases size for cache size value and test the speed again.  Once you achieve the max speed, don’t forget to check the Set on Boot box, otherwise, it will revert back to old settings every time you reboot the device.

Sounds easy! Please do try and let me know in comments below.

Also, while trying out you might sometimes come across a situation where your Memory card will show empty. In such a case, do remember to read tool to recover files and folders from memory card showing empty. This will help you in recovering your files easily.

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