Ways to extend life of your PC

Is your computer slowing you down? Do you feel frustrated and end up completely disturbed every time you go on your computer, due to its terrible performance your system gives you? Perhaps you might even have decided to buy a new one. However, doing so can build up on both time and money. Hence, purchasing a new computer might not be a good idea but you can try to extend your computer life! Yes, fortunately, there are ways to extend your computer's lifespan, rather than buying a new one.

If you wish to boost your system's lifespan for few more years; then read on this article, you will get to know the ways to prolong your PC life.

Cleanup your Desktop:

Cleaning up your desktop involves removing all unnecessary apps, unused files and folders, junk data, kept on your desktop. Too much of files and icons on the desktop will lead to slow running PCs, hence should remove all of them.

In order to clean up your desktop, right click on the desktop and open the Desktop Cleanup Wizard, go to “Sort by...” and then hit the “Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard”. Now, click “Next” and select the icons you want to clean up. Click Next and then Finish.

The Desktop Cleanup Wizard will only move shortcut icons, so you will have to clean up i.e. move the remaining files. Remember to organize / move the files to where it makes files easy to find and open.

Run Disk Cleanup Utility

The presence of unnecessary apps and unused files will reduce your system memory. Due to this your OS slows down as the storage space is less. Hence, one has to get rid of such unwanted files and programs. For this Windows provides you a default tool called “Disk Cleanup” utility.

To open it, go to Start and My Computer. Right-click on your disk drive and hit Properties. Now just go to Tools -> Disk Cleanup. This will start up the Disk Cleanup process. Just wait until the program analyzes your free space. When it is done just click OK, it might take a while, but the results will be great.

Optimize your Startup programs

Startup programs are those that are enabled to start as soon as you start your PC.  Sometimes, you might have enabled some unnecessary programs like iTunes, then Google Desktop, MSN etc. to start during the startup. This makes your computer to take too much time to simply load your desktop. Disabling some of these can help speed up that process. To do this,

Start -> Run -> type: msconfig

Click the “Startup” tab and you will receive a list of every program that starts up when you turn on your computer. Uncheck all of the programs you don't need to start up. When you're done, click OK and click Exit without Restart.

Defrag hard drive

Defragmenting is a process of organizing files in an orderly fashion that increases the data access speed.  It's actually one of the best ways ever to increase your PC lifespan. It does take a while, just have patience. To defragment your drive, follow these steps

Go to Start- > My Computer -> Properties -> Tools -> Disk Defragment

This will launch the Disk Defragment program. Simply click the Defragment button and just watch out! It will take a few hours however, so just wait. But, this manual way of defragmentation is not safe and would even corrupt your hard drive leading to data corruption. Hence, make use of the Remo Drive Defrag utility that can safely and securely defrag your hard drive without damaging your data.

Upgrade your RAM

More memory, more speed! Upgrading your system’s RAM (random-access memory) is the best way to boost your computer’s performance.  The minimum storage space for an operating system differs on the version of OS. If you have a Windows XP machine, then at least 2GB of RAM is the minimum, for Windows Vista / 7 machines, consider 4GB of RAM will be good.  Make sure your RAM has so much space else upgrade it.

Hence, with the help of the above explained ways you can extend your PC lifespan. But make sure you have proper data backup before you perform any of the above techniques. Just adopt these techniques to increase your PC speed and performance.

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