Ways to Improve Outlook Performance

We know that MS Outlook is an email client that is used by both individuals and business peoples across the globe. This advanced email client application has a variety of features that most individuals do not use or need in day-to-day operations. However, these additional features can slow and unstable your Outlook application and it can put user in a serious problem and even increases your stress level. Keeping this problem of Outlook in mind, here are few simple steps discussed that can keep your MS Outlook running smoothly and even increases its performance up to some extent.

Keep Outlook PST file at a Reasonable Size

In Outlook 2003 and 2007, you can create new style PST files, as it has no size limit of 2 GB like in older version. However, for best performance I advise you to maintain PST file size small and do not let it to go above 1 GB.

Perform these steps to maintain PST file size in small

  • Use multiple PST's
  • Keep attachment outside of the PST
  • Save entire email messages outside of Outlook

Disable Add-ins that are Unnecessary

Enabling unnecessary Add-ins may slow down MS Outlook performance. Therefore, check whether you have installed unnecessary Add-ins, if any then disable them.

Compact your PST file

Even though you have used multiple PST files and removed larger email attachment, you have to compact PST file that will reduce size of PST file up to some extent. Follow below mentioned steps do it.

Go to “File” menu, select “Data File Management”, under that choose “Personal Folders” and click the “Settings” button. Click “Compact Now”.

Disable RSS feeds in Outlook

  • Open “Tools->Options->Other->Advanced Options
  • Uncheck “Sync RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List

Look for Updates

Suppose MS Outlook application version installed in your system is outdated then it meant to slow down its performance. Therefore, keep updating your Outlook application, for this purpose Click on "Start," "All Programs" and "Windows Update." Click on "Check for updates" and install any available Office updates to keep your application up to date.

By following above-mentioned steps, one can increase their MS Outlook application performance and can operate application smoothly. However, Outlook PST file is very easily get corrupt due to virus and malware attacks and other reasons includes sharing PST file over internet, improperly exit from Outlook application etc. This PST file corruption will also make your Outlook application performance slow and leads to data loss. In this instance, use efficient Remo Repair Outlook PST tool that can safely repairs PST file and recover lost Outlook contacts, emails, notes, RSS feeds, calendar items etc in a simple way.

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