Ways to speed up laptop performance

Recently, my friend always complains that the speed of his laptop is intolerably slow. It even seems to take forever to boot. Therefore, are there some practical ways to speed up his laptop?

Are you sick of the slow laptop performance? Then just read this page to know how to fix it. More often your laptop might slow down due to increased demand for resources. One important point is that laptops are more prone to such performance degradation issues than the desktop issues. This is due to small space, limited power supply, reduced system specification etc. There are numerous reasons why your laptop might eventually slow down on performance over time. It can be due to a malware attack, issues with the hard disk used or it may be overstuffed with the unnecessary files and many more.

For most people getting rid of these performance issues will become a challenge. But, it’s not as big problem as they think. You can speed up your laptop performance by just following few easy tips. This article offers useful advice and tips to speed up laptop in simple steps. You can use these useful tips to improve your laptop performance even if your laptop is very old.

Disable all unnecessary Startup programs:

By default some of the programs might have been set to start during the Windows start up. Overtime, if these startup programs increase your laptop needs longer boot / load time and these results in slower performance. In order to get rid of these, you will have to disable some of these unnecessary programs. To achieve this,

Go to Start, type msconfig and press “Enter”. From the system configuration Window go to “Startup” tab, and uncheck all the unnecessary programs and hit “Apply” , click “OK”. If asked just restart your laptop.

Thus, all the unnecessary programs will be disabled, but are still unaffected and can be used when needed.

Remove virus, spyware and malware

These spyware, malware, viruses or any other malicious programs might corrupt your entire laptop hard drive. Moreover, they consume lots of resource and memory space. Eventually they multiply themselves and corrupt the entire hard drive, thus slowing down your laptop.  Your first line of defense is to use good anti-malware software that is capable of detecting and removing the malwares from your laptop. And then, you will to regularly update this anti-virus tool.

Update all your laptop drivers

All devices connected to your laptop need assistance to communicate with your OS. Hence, you will have to install drivers for these devices, which helps in the normal operating of the devices. These drivers should to be updated regularly, as and when the OS is updated or newer versions of the laptop drivers are available. Else the presence of outdated drivers will start troubling your Windows on your laptop and thus decreasing the performance. I highly recommend this to do it regularly for all drivers.

Cleanup your Desktop

Do not keep any large files or program files on your laptop desktop. Even keeping shortcuts files will reduce the laptop speed. Keep only those files that are important and are needed. If you have more files that too large ones on the desktop, your OS will require more time to boot up. Thus, removing the unwanted files from the desktop will definitely increase your laptop performance.

Remove unwanted files and programs

Presence of unwanted / unused files and programs on the hard disk will decrease the laptop performance. This is because these extra programs need additional resources to function. This makes your hard drive clumsy. Hence, one has to clean up your laptop by removing these unwanted data that includes browsing history, temp files, old data etc. and uninstall the unused programs. Use Remo Privacy Cleaner tool, to easily wipe of all your unwanted data including cookies, browsing data, programs and other data from your laptop and increase its performance.

Defrag your hard drive

As your laptop becomes old, the files stored on the laptop drive will become fragmented. Due to this, whenever you try to access a single file, your laptop takes several minutes to open it. Because, due to fragmentation your files will be sliced into small chunks and placed at multiple locations of the disk. Hence, when you try to access a single file, your OS searches for all the chunks and re-arrange them accordingly. This takes huge time and hence, your laptop becomes slow.

To solve this, you will have to defragment your hard drive. This will arrange your files in a contiguous manner, thus increasing the laptop performance. In order to perform defragmentation, just make use of the Remo Drive Defrag tool that can easily and safely defrag your entire laptop hard drive and increase its performance.

Thus, by following the above tips, one can easily speed up their laptop performance. Presence of malwares, unused files, and fragmented data will degrade the laptop speed. Hence, it’s advisable to clean your unwanted data from the laptop by following the above mentioned ways to increase its performance.

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