What Can Be Done When System Restore Fails



System Restore is used to fix few minor software issues. When you perform System Restore, it rolls back program files, registry information and system files to an earlier state. Basically, it replaces these damaged or corrupted files with good ones which in turn solves your problem. But what if the System Restore itself fails? Well, don’t worry, there are couple ways to make System Restore work and bring everything back to normal.

Try System Restore in Safe Mode

System Restore replaces the system files from the restore point and that’s how it works. But, some programs like anti-virus may obstruct this to protect the system files preventing System Restore to replace them. Maybe, some malware or a virus could also stop System Restore to perform. To evade these background applications, you can run System Restore in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, these background applications do not load, so System Restore will work without obstruction.

To run Windows in Safe Mode, restart your PC and when your computer starts booting, press and hold F8 function key. From the Menu that appears, select Safe Mode and press Enter.

Now run System Restore in Safe Mode. Once it is complete, restart your PC. Your Windows will boot in normal mode.

Try Making New Restore Points

You can try this option when you have used System Restore but it did not resolve the issue or whenever you try to open System Restore, you get an error message. To make a new restore point;

  • Open System Restore by clicking Start menu and type System Restore in search box and press Enter.
  • In the System Restore window, select “Choose a different restore point” and hit Next
  • Select a restore point which you created before you started facing the problem. If you choose a recent one, it may not help you much as they might have been made after the issues started with your computer. To see more restore points, you can click on “Show more restore points”.

Preferably this should solve the problem. Nevertheless, if you still get the error message or system restore couldn’t solve the issue, then there is another option that you can try.

Reinstalling Windows

If creating new restore points or booting System Restore in Safe Mode doesn’t solve your problem, then maybe its files are corrupted. As a result, System restore is not going to solve the problem. If there is a problem with your PC that you want fix, then, you need to restore your PC’s operating system by reinstalling Windows or from the restore partition.

There are three ways to perform a restore and they are:

  • Most of the computers and laptops come with a recovery partitions that can be activated by hitting a special key when your computer is booting. You can refer the user manual to know about the key and how to use it.
  • In place of a restore partition, if you got a restore disc, insert it and restart your PC to get going.
  • If the Windows has been installed by or you upgraded to another build of Windows, then, insert the Windows Installation Disc and restart your PC. Later on follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reinstallation or recovery process.

Note: Reinstalling Windows or Restore Partition will erase the data from your hard drive. To get back your content, you have to use a data recovery software that can help you in recovering your formatted partition along with its entire content in just a few clicks. To save yourself in a data situation, it is important that you take a backup of the hard drive before you proceed with the re-installation process.

Once the process is complete, your computer should now be free from the problem and your System Restore should work properly.

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