What to do when Digital Camera won’t Work

You were on a vacation with your family and wanted to capture scenic beauty in your digital camera! But, all of a sudden your digital camera doesn’t work!! This could be the most frustrating moment for any one. Sometimes, the camera may not power on or the picture captured may not be clear. However, some of the issues will be extremely complex and may have to be repaired. Other problems, would be easy to fix, with some simple tips as listed below:

Camera doesn’t Switch ON?

One most common reason for this issue would be battery. Either your battery has been drained, not inserted properly or it is malfunctioning. Just make sure the battery has been charged fully and check if the battery section is free from dirt that interfere with metal contacts. Also, sometimes cameras will not power on if the battery compartment latch is loose.

Photos captured are not recorded?

Sometimes, photos captured on your digital camera may not get recorded. This can happen when you have selected Play back mode or a video mode instead of selecting photography mode. Also, even when the battery is low or the camera card memory is full, your camera will not be able to record photos.  Check with these first.

Camera screen won’t Turn On?

Frist try to adjust your camera display settings. In case that fails then reset your camera. To reset turn off the camera and remove the battery. Now hold the power button firmly for at least 15 seconds and then release. Once done, just reinsert the battery pack and then power on the camera.

Does the Viewfinder fails to Display an Image?

If this is the case then make sure there are no obstructions and also clean both sides of the viewfinder to clear dirt.

Camera doesn’t recognize memory card?

Make sure your memory card (SD card, SDHC card etc.) is compatible with your camera i.e. the size and type of the card used should be recommended by camera manufacturers. Also, check if the card is connected properly, just remove it and reinsert it properly. Sometimes, your card itself might have been corrupted. Try it connecting it to your computer or see it on other devices, if same issue persists then the card is corrupt, get new or another card and try it.

These are some of the common issues that are experienced with your digital cameras. Sometimes, even when the MOV or MP4 video recorded on the camera would fail to play due to file corruption issues in such cases you need to repair video file using a suitable video repair tool. Try out these simple tips when you encounter such issues. In case if the problem is complex or cannot be fixed with these tips, you may have to take it to a repair centre.

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