What to do when Word document denies to open?

Word documents are becoming more and more popular and are widely used in many establishments ranging from schools to offices and even for personal usage at homes. In some instances, your Word document would deny to open or to respond. It is often a frustrating situation when the computer has the documents, but refuses to open and allow access to them. Don't panic! Stay calm! Usually under such instances the data in the documents will not be lost completely; it might be a temporary problem due to a small error. However, there are several ways in which you can fix the problem and open your Word documents.

Below explained are some of the ways or tips that are helpful and can fix the issue when your Word file is not opening. Just read below:

Identify the cause

Open new or other documents in Word on the same computer. If Word is not opening a new document, the problem is related to the software. The most likely cause of Word not opening is the end of a trial period or the Word application itself has become faulty and not your document. Make use of the Word CD and update your Word or re-install the Word application.

Run the CHKDSK utility

Try running the CHKDSK utility, this lets you to check for corruption at the file system level. If no errors are found then the problem is indeed with your document. If there is, CHKDSK's file system repair would fix your document.

Check for network problems

One other possible reason for why the document refuses to open is due to the network issues. Sometimes, the person trying to open document might not have the appropriate permission. This is a common workplace problem when two people on the network are trying to access the same document at the same time. this problem can be solved easily by having one individual close the document or wait until the other is finished before opening it.

Look for version issues

When attempting to open a document created on a different computer, the computer you are using to open the document might have an older version of Word application. The new versions can open the documents from the older versions, but the older versions cannot open the document from the newer versions.

Extract the text with another word processor or text editor program

If you are unable to open the document in Word no need to worry. This is because you may still be able to open it with a different word processing program or with a text editor program that can read your .doc or .docx format. Any of these may let you recover the text from your document.

Use Word's Open and Repair feature

If all the above steps didn’t help you then your Word document might be corrupt. In order to fix it use the Word’s in-built feature that repairs (or attempts to repair) your Word documents. To use this built-in utility, just follow these steps:

  • First, select the Open option for your version of Word
  • Select the file which you wish to open and hit the repair option in the Open dialog
  • Now, click the down arrow beside the Open button and select “Open and Repair” from the menu

This will try to repair your corrupt Word document and open it. Even if this step fails to open your document then follow the next step.

Try rebuilding the file header

For this you'll have to open several uncorrupted Word documents with a file editor program and locate the header components. Then compare them with the file header of your corrupt file. If you are able to identify corruption in its file header then replace the corrupt header components with the good components from other Word document. This could fix the file. Now, you should be able to open your word document.

These are the few ways in which you can easily fix and troubleshoot your word document manually. Sometimes if the document is severely corrupt then, neither of the above listed tips would work. In such instances, you may have to rely on Remo Repair Word tool to repair your word document. The tool can easily open corrupt Word document and recover your data along with its clipart, hyperlink, embedded images etc. from your corrupt Word document.

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