What’s new in iOS 7.1?

iOS 7.1, the latest and the major update released by Apple for its iOS oriented devices like iPhones, iPads etc.  This version of iOS is available for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPod touch 5G. It is included with bug fixes, numerous interface refinements, improvements, and other new features. It even provides some improvements for Touch ID fingerprint recognition and bug fixes. Apple CarPlay feature for iPhone provides a better way for driving.

Read below to know some of the newly added features for iOS 7.1:

CarPlay: It was earlier known as iOS in the Car, which is even referred as an iOS experience designed for the car. Just simply connect your iPhone to a CarPlay enabled vehicle to utilize all its features like iPhone calling, maps, music, and messaging etc. It enables its users to control certain functions through the iOS' in-built voice-activated assistance i.e. Siri. This feature for iPhone provides a better way for driving.

Updates in Siri: With this, you can now manually control when Siri listens while you speak by holding the home button and then releases it when stop speaking. It includes natural-sounding voices for both male and female in U.K. English, Australian English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. You can also use it in push-to-talk mode by holding the Home button for the duration of your query.

Calendar changes: It consists of the list view that has been returned in month view. Now, with its updated version it has been included with a country-specific holidays added. In addition, it has an option to display all the events in month view.

iTunes Radio improvements: iTunes radio was first introduced in iOS 7 and now it has come up with newer updates like including the ability to buy albums over-the-air from "Now Playing", provides a Search field that helps in easily creating the stations according to your favorite artist or song.

Other features: its ‘Parallax’ feature includes weather, messages and a user interface with multi-tasking capability. Its touch ID software controls all the biometric reader that has been improved to make fingerprint recognition better.

This OS even provides you an excellent UI that enables you to save your contacts in an easy way. In addition you can easily search for any contact from the contact list, add, edit or even delete the contacts effortlessly. Nevertheless, there are chances where in you might save the same contact twice unknowingly, which results in duplication of the contacts. This will cause confusion and wastage of memory. However, iOS 7.1 has no specific feature to identify such duplicate contacts. Thus there is a need to get third party software like Remo MORE that can identify all the duplicate contacts based on the name and other contact details etc. and easily remove duplicate iPad contacts with ease.

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