Whats New In iOS 9.3

Apple recently made its third biggest update to iOS 9. As Apple’s iOS 9.2.1 update is still in testing, iOS 9.3 came as a surprise. The iOS 9.3 beta comes with some cool new features, especially the Night Shift feature. So here is the list of the new features of iOS 9.3.

Easier on Your Eyes - Night Shift
This new feature which is designed to automatically reduce the amount of blue light that iOS users are exposed to. It shifts to the more yellow tones for iPad and iPhone. Night Shift feature is similar to another app named F.lux which was booted from App Store. Night Shift will basically alter the colors, brightness and temperature of the display as the day passes on.

Settings for Night Shift are available in Display & Brightness section of Settings app. You have the option to switch to Blue Light Reduction and set display to be either warmer or cooler. You can opt to turn on Night Shift from sunset to sunrise with the help of Schedule option.

Keep Notes Under Lock 
The new iOS 9.3 brings TouchID and password support to the Notes app. It allows you to store crucial information such as bank details, medical information, passwords, etc, in the Notes app without having to worry about information being intruded. And the addition of TouchID makes iOS Notes a kind of Password competitor.

With TouchID or password protection enabled for Notes app, Notes will ask for the user’s password or a fingerprint to open Notes protected with a password. You can set password protection for Notes on a note-by-note basis. You can also organize Notes on the basis of Date Created, Title or Date Edited in the Settings.

New Ways of Learning
Apple’s iOS 9.3 comes with multiple Education-oriented features which include - a new Classroom app, sharing one iPad between many students, an Apple School Manager, and improved Apple ID management features.

Apple CarPlay 
There are more features incorporated into Apple Music. The new feature allows you to search through new songs. The Nearby feature helps you to quickly find out petrol stations, parking and restaurants.

App Switcher
Haptic feedback is included in iOS 9.3 when using Force Touch app switcher on iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. On first opening the app switcher, Peek feedback is provided, and on pressing further to fully open it Pop feedback is provided.

Siri Updates
Siri is updated in Apple’s iOS 9.3 to include few languages like Hebrew (Israel), Malay (Malaysia) and Finnish (Finland).

In iOS 9.3, the For You section picks topics from Apple’s Editors’ and suggests trending topics.

Final release date of iOS 9.3 is not announced officially, but the beta version is packed with features and no bugs has been found yet.

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