What’s new in MS Office 2013?

Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used desktop applications worldwide and MS Office 2013 being its latest release. This version includes all popular Office suite utilities like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, InfoPath, OneNote and Outlook. The new Office works with Smartphone’s, tablets, and even on cloud. So that users can easily access their important files, no matter where or which device they are using. Office 2013 is the successor of Microsoft Office 2010 and comes with several advanced features, eager to know what they are. Then have a look.

Startup Screen

Each application in Office 2013 supports a new colored start screen like blue for Word, orange for PowerPoint, green for Excel and Publisher etc. When user opens an application, the default option is to create a blank document; however user can alternatively select or search template online on disk or in SkyDrive. These user friendly screens helps user to navigate around Office application easily and user can also see the top right section of the screen to view details of SkyDrive account which they are currently logged in


Microsoft Office 2013 is especially designed to integrate with cloud, SkyDrive and SharePoint in particular. This feature is very useful for users who access their files online, users can register an account in SkyDrive upon which all the documents, presentations, worksheets they save will, by default get stored in their SkyDrive account. Additionally Office 2013 has also integrated Facebook with Outlook application

Application Compatibility

When user save Office 2013 documents online, it is available to them at any time and from any device such as PC, Tablets, Smartphone’s or via WebApps. Microsoft has already upgraded WebApps for Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote with Modern style look.  This feature makes it easier for users to continue their work, even if they are using a different device

Touch screen

New features in Office 2013 are designed to work with touchscreen devices. The read mode in MS Word allows users to scroll the document by simply swiping their fingers horizontally. The Office 2013 also supports gestures such as tap, stretch, pinch, swipe, slide, stretch etc.

PDF Editing

In the previous versions of Office suite, users were not able to edit their PDF document in Word unless it is first converted o DOC. But the new Word 2013 retains the file structure of the PDF file and lets user open the PDF files, edits it and saves it to either DOCX or PDFs format.

Easier Charting

For users who faced many issues while using chart option in previous versions of Excel will love the new Recommended Charts feature in Office 2013. Windows users can easily select data which are to be charted then click insert->Recommended Chart option. This feature displays options like line, bar and pie chart which the program recommends for their data. User can easily preview each chart and select the one they like

Additional Graphic Options

Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Outlook have new icons on the insert tab, which helps users to insert pictures from their local or various online sources. The online option lets them insert images within Office via Bing, SkyDrive or Flickr account

So in order to use all these features, you must download Microsoft Office 2013 package and install it to your Windows Operating system. The system requirement required to install Office 2013 are:

System Requirements:

CPU: 1 GHZ or faster processor with SSE2 instruction set.

RAM: 1GB for 32-bit and 2GB for 64-bit

Hard Disk: 3.0 GB free disk space

Operating system: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

Software: .NET Framework 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5

So you may have already noticed that the files created using Office 2013 are very important and in case you run into problem where in you accidentally delete or lose your Microsoft Office 2013 Word or any other file. For such situations i recommend you to use Remo Recover Windows software to perform Office file recovery and easily get back those Office 2013 files back.

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