What’s new in Office 2016

Microsoft has dropped its new productivity Office suite for both Windows and Mac users. For Windows users Office 2016 is the first major update for Office suite since 2013. This latest version of Microsoft Office includes cool new features and some major enhancements to its earlier features. It helps you to work from anywhere, any time, and with anyone. Some of its new features are as listed below:

Speedup your work with “Tell Me”

A new search box called Tell Me is now available on PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Instead of using Help, you can just type in what is needed, which will immediately pull up the relevant menu items to select from. It provides a list of commands to that help you complete the task easily. If you have selected for something in your document, a list of items specific to that object will be displayed. For example: If an image is selected, you will see commands related to images.

Insights – For Quick Answers

Insights is yet another useful feature that helps you search for any information within Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel. Just right-click on a word or phrase you need information for and choose Smart Lookup. Now, this selected phrase will be used by Microsoft's Bing search engine and lists you definitions, images or other related information.

Co-Authoring in Word:

Real-time co-authoring feature lets multiple users to collaborate, update and edit a document simultaneously. When several people are working on a word document from One Drive, then with this feature everyone simultaneously edit and collaborate the document easily. Moreover, everyone can view the changes made by others.

Ink Equation

This feature is available with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that allows you to easily insert any mathematical equations. This can be done just by handwriting the equations with the help of mouse, digital pen and even with the help of your finger on touch-enabled devices. All you have to do is just to write the equation in the dialog box, using the tools to erase, correct, or clear and other as required. Then this handwritten equation will be converted into a typed text that can then be inserted into any of your documents.

Sway – New Presentation app

Sway is a new presentation app included in Microsoft Office 016 Suite. This allows users to easily collaborate text and media for creating a presentable website. You can easily drag and drop photos, videos or any other files from any device like computer or even from internet like Bing, YouTube, Facebook, OneDrive, Twitter etc. These dragged items can be pulled onto a Web browser or smartphone or tablet app.

The list goes on! These are some of the important and most useful features of Office 2016 that help organize and fasten your work. However, if you are using Office 365 services that are the subscription-based, then all your Office applications will be automatically updated. So, if you are work geek and a smart performer then Office 2016 is a perfect choice.

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