What’s new in Outlook 2013?

Outlook is a very vital and frequently used Microsoft office application in most corporate offices. Outlook is the application wherein you would manage your emails, calendar items, contacts, reminders, etc. and almost all of your official data will be saved in this Outlook!! Like the other, Office 2013 applications there are not any radical changes. Even though there have been quite a lot of changes in the user interface to support touch screen devices, the functionality hasn’t changed much. Hence, you will be able to use Outlook 2013 without any difficulties. In this article I would like to share few new features and benefits of Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Wondering what’s new about the Outlook 2013? Then just read here to know more about the new features of the Microsoft Outlook 2013:

Weather Bar:

Outlook 2013 has been designed with the new feature on its calendar. It is the weather bar that will give you the weather forecast for next 3 days on the calendar in the calendar module. Weather information will be displayed for a specific day at any location and can be placed in Outlook anywhere you need it. You can even change the weather location displayed by selecting “Add Location” option from the drop-down menu present next to the city name in the Calendar view.

Moreover, these weather settings are saved as per the user profile and all calendars in a user profile will display the same location for weather.

People Hub:

People Hub is the new default view to save your contacts in Outlook 2013. It includes the contacts in user’s Outlook profiles and also from other social networking sites. In addition to the standard contact information, you can view the contact’s social network updates they’ve added if they are friends with that contact on a specific social network or if they have public social network updates.

Attachment Reminder:

Outlook 2013 has new features that can detect and notify about the attachments. Before you send an email message, Outlook 2013 will check whether an attachment was omitted from the message and notifies you about the same. In case you don’t need this option you can turn off the Attachment Reminder in Outlook 2013 by selecting the “Don’t show this message again” in the Attachment Reminder dialog box.

Add-in Resiliency:

This new Outlook 2013 version will automatically turns off any add-ins that is found to be affecting the performance, reliability or resiliency of the Outlook. In case, if you need any of the add-ins, you can easily re-enable them just by going to File- > View Disabled Add-ins and then enable them.

Outlook Data file (.OST) Compression:

When you install the Outlook 2013, by default a new compressed version of the .ost file will be created. This compressed .ost file will be up to 40% smaller than the OST files of the older Outlook versions.  Thus, reduces the storage disk space.

SharePoint Integration

Outlook 2013 now offers better SharePoint integration, since these SharePoint groups will now have their own separate mailboxes. All your document files that are stored in SharePoint can be viewed easily from within your Outlook.

These are few and top new features that are added in Outlook 2013. There are many other minor changes like interactive user interface, introducing filters to facilitate easy mail search etc. that are the updates to the old features.  In any case, either while disabling the add-ins or customizing other settings, your Outlook 2013 PST file would get corrupt or damaged. In such instances, you can just make use of the Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool as it is the best toolkit in order to repairing corrupt outlook profile. Hence, with these new features Microsoft has made this popular application more effective and productive.

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