What’s new in Windows 8?

Microsoft Windows is the most widely used operating systems. Since, its first release, it has been evolved with its new versions, with new updates. Now, the latest release of Windows is Windows 8 which has introduced significant changes to the graphical user interface, its changed look and feel. It has new start screen, its old desktop being replaced by new Home Screen which has no icons. Listed below are some of the features that has been added or updated in the Windows 8 OS:

Touch Apps and User Interface:

The touch apps help the tablet users to utilize the Windows 8 features. It even works with no touch platforms also. You can easily switch between two apps easily in a faster manner.

In Windows 8 “desktop” has been replaced by Home Screen, from where you need to access programs. You cannot find any programs or files in this Home Screen; instead you can find the Tiles that can show the file information dynamically. You can see more than 20 tiles, depending on the resolution of your screen. All these are part of this Modern UI which is referred as Metro-styled UI.

Windows To Go

Windows To Go is a Windows 8 Enterprise feature that allows users to install Windows 8 onto a USB thumb or portable drives with storage capacity of 32 GB or more. You can then boot it from other computers also by connecting it to the computer. It is mainly helpful for telecommuters or temporary contractors as it can fit an entire PC OS. It enables you to create a backup OS in case your computer is infected or corrupt.

Hybrid Boot

The Hibernate boot which was used in earlier versions of Windows had two main problems that is very slow booting and required huge hard drive space.

Windows 8 came up with this Hybrid boot, which operates in different way. It just stores the information related to Kernel and device drivers. This enables the faster boot and requires reduced hard drive space

Hyper V

Hyper-V is the new technology introduced for handling Virtualization in Windows 8. It makes it possible to the user to run other operating systems within the Windows 8 environment. It provides advanced and powerful virtualization options. It can work with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.


In Windows 8, there is no Start button as mentioned earlier. If you want to access some programs then you need to go back to the Home Screen by using Windows key. Or else you can use the Charms app, which are hidden. It is the new feature introduced by Windows 8, which can be launched by dragging the icon to the upper right corner or to the lower right corner. Charms also have options to access search, settings, share, and see connected devices. The search also depends on the context in which you are searching. For example, if you click search on Home screen, you get universal search. But if you click search in windows store, you get app search.

Windows Defender

With other Windows versions, the anti-virus software needed to be downloaded and executed. With Windows 8, the it comes in-built with the OS under the name Windows Defender. Threats can be detected, quarantined and sometimes removed. Also, in case your important file is infected by virus, Windows defender will allows you to delete the infected file forcefully, in order to prevent the further infection to other files. In such cases will have to remove the file from your system forcefully. Now, you have lost your files, but no need to worry you can make use of Remo Recover Windows tool and easily reclaim your deleted files on Windows 8. There’s no anti-phishing feature, no identity protection scheme and no password encryption functionality.

File History

It is the update to the Backup and Settings feature in Windows 7. Instead of taking large backups in a predetermined time period like once in 1month or 2 months etc. Windows 8 incorporated the creation of incremental backups i.e. will take the backup hourly once and gets updated as and when a file or folder is updated. This is a major improvement with no notable downside.

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