What’s New in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is an updated version of Windows 8 operating system and this version is released keeping goal of offering customers the best modern business systems for today’s modern business. This version introduces new manageability, security, network capabilities, mobility, and user interface, etc.

Below mentioned some of the new features and enhanced features provided in Windows 8.1 OS. Lets know all of them in brief..

BYOD Enhancements

Work Folders: This enhancement allows users to synchronize data to their devices from their user folder located in the server. Files created in your system will synchronize back to file server also. However, all these process happens outside the firewall client sync support.

Wi-Fi Direct Printing: With this advanced feature, user can access printer with Wi-Fi service without having additional drivers or software by forming peer-to-peer network between your system and the printer.

Security Enhancements

Remote Business Data Removal: This feature comes handier for user to wipe their business related data from corporate portal after a relationship with them has ended.

Improved Biometrics: Windows 8.1 is enhanced for fingerprint-based biometrics and includes a general fingerprint enrollment practice that works with a diversity of readers (touch, swipe). Nowadays biometric are touch based rather than swipe based and it includes liveliness detection that prevents spoofing.

Malware Resistance: In order to stop execution of known and unknown malware program in system, Windows 8.1 introduced Windows defender. Internet Explorer scans binary extensions using the antimalware solution before potentially harmful code is executed.

Modern User Interface

Variable, Continuous Size of Snap Views:  This option helps user to view multiple apps at a time in different ways. After displaying multiple apps at once, you can resize the width of the apps. In addition, depending on screen resolution and size factors, you can even share the screen with three or four apps on each monitor.

Boot to Desktop:  Now you can make changes to configuration to boot directly to desktop after logon.

Desktop and Start Screen: Enhancements have been made to best support users who favor a mouse and keyboard practice to access programs.

All the above mentioned enhancements makes user to update their system’s operating system to Windows 8.1 in order to have all these facilities and enrich data security and avoiding malware programs entering their systems. But, these virus and other spyware has capabilities to enter your system through other ways such as sharing infected data from other source and storing in system without scanning them. Later, this will affect your system and will make you lose your valuable data. Suppose if have encounters such situation and lost data then do not worry; as you can easily restore data with the assistance of Remo Recover Windows application. This application is especially designed for Windows Users to restore their lost data from Windows systems and it does safe and secure data recovery process and keeps your data intact. With this efficient application one can easily perform Windows 8 data recovery in easy steps. Learn more about it by visiting given link...

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