What's New in Yosemite

Yosemite is an unleashed new version that has been added to the Mac OS X line of computers developed by Apple and was officially released on October 16, 2014. It is the 11th release of Mac OS X and includes revamped flatter look and numerous fresh features such as iCloud drive, streamlined toolbars, and notification center with widgets, emphasizes translucency, and continuity etc. Some of the best features that attracted many Mac users are as listed below:

Let’s have a look on what’s new in Yosemite:

Search Smarter: Everyone knows about Spotlight as it is not new but in Yosemite it comes with some fresh spectacular options: As with Spotlight on iOS, you are now capable enough to search the iCloud locker, Web and local files (using this option you can now change the behavior of preferences). To use this option just make use of shortcut keys Cmd + Spacebar.

Search with Duck Duck Go: As with the iOS 8 update, Safari in Yosemite has the capability to set Duck Duck go as default search engine along with other options like Bing or Google. The most important key feature of Duck Duck Go is that it won’t save the searches nor it shares the details with other agencies (advertisers).

Keep Private Windows Separate: With this feature one can keep their private browsing tabs (where the searches and activities are not logged by Safari) and can be grouped in a single window, while the other standard tabs are kept on separate window. Just ensure you keep track of which is which because Safari turns the dark address bar in private mode.

In addition to above mentioned new features there are lot more new to know in Yosemite OS X like desktop calling, texting, annotate emails, rename batches of files easily, sign documents with your track pad, take a 3D tour, connect to hotspots quickly, etc. Well, after installing OS X Yosemite every user at the end will be busy in exploring new features and various tools.

However, enjoying the new OS X most of the users come across few disasters and lose important files from Mac Yosemite due to unforeseen reasons. If you are one among those users then make use of Remo Recover (Mac) application which can easily scan the drive and perform Mac Yosemite data recovery to get back all your lost files with in matter of minutes.

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