Where is the Recycle Bin on My USB?

If you are working on a Windows system and accidentally deleted a file from your USB drive or an external hard drive, the file doesn’t go to the Recycle Bin. It is permanently deleted. Ever wondered why?

Well, the Windows system does not treat the USB or External drive as a part of the system. It is still a “removable” drive. It all started with the floppy drive since they had very little data in them and there’s no point in allocating separate space on the system for these files.

One thing you should keep in mind is that Recycle Bin is not a temporary storage location. Hence, a delete operation on a USB drive is the same as Shift+Delete on system drives.

Now, the Recycle Bin can have different names based on the file system used and the version of Windows:

  • On FAT filesystems, it’s \RECYCLED.
  • On NTFS filesystems, it’s \RECYCLER, except on Windows Vista.
  • On NTFS filesystems in Windows Vista, it’s \$Recycle.Bin.

If you deleted a file accidentally from your USB or external hard drive, the first thing you should do is stop using the drive. There are chances of recovery as long as you have not overwritten any of the files. It is also advised to have a regular backup of your data.

Data recovery using Remo Recover software

Remo Recover software provides a simple way to recover all your deleted or lost USB files. The recovery tool supports restoration from all kinds of USB drives, external hard drives, memory cards, firewire devices and so on.

Remo Recover can also retrieve data from deleted usb partitions.  This recovery tool supports all Windows Operating systems. Deleted or lost data can be recovered from FAT, NTFS, and exFAT systems as well.

If you had made a partition on your ExFAT system and deleted that partition, Remo Recover can perform ExFAT partition recovery by using some simple on-screen instructions.

If your hard drive has bad sectors, Remo Recover works by creating a disk image of the hard drive, bypassing these bad sectors and later restoring data from this image.

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