What Makes Some Photographs Amazing And The Others Not?

Photographs – Each photograph is a story captured in a moment. Well, it is true to most of us. And it probably is one of those amazing photos that always manage to transport us into the time and the moment when it was clicked. If you ever visit or attend a Photography and Art Exhibition, then you will find certain photos that will immediately speak to you. They probably were taken at a time and place that you were not even present at. They weren’t photos of the people you know or are familiar with. They are probably photos of nature, birds or animals but these photos not only managed to capture your attention but they also got a reaction out of you. That is what made these photos so amazing. And that is what we hope to get – Amazing Photographs every time.

But the question that arises here is ‘what makes some photos amazing and the others not’? Well, I wish there could be a one-word answer to that question but there isn’t. In fact, there are a few things that need to come together to make a single photograph amazing. Eager to find out then continue reading further.

The several things that need to come together to make a single photograph or a series of photographs amazing are as follows:

1. Photographs That Tell A Story:

As mentioned earlier ‘Each photograph tells a Story’ it is true. There are certain photos that can narrate an entire story. These photos are of people. It can be a photograph of an elderly couple holding hands that probably will give you a narration of two people and the life they have shared together. It can be the image of a father teaching his son to ride a bicycle that probably will remind you of the time you were learning to ride your first bicycle. These photographs in their own way have a story to tell.

2. Photographs That Capture Emotions:

The smartest trick in the book for any photographer would be to tap into the emotional side of the viewer. To be able to invoke an emotional response is what will get a person to look longer at the photo and probably store it in their memory because of the emotions it triggered when they saw it.

3. Light In Photographs:

It is undoubtedly the most important aspect of photography. Good lighting any day will not just illuminate the scene but also will add a sense of life into the photo. Not just that light also helps to create or set a particular mood and tone to the photo. At the same time, it also creates certain kind of depth and texture into the photo. Making it either a remarkable one or a forgettable one. To most photographers having the right kind of lighting is the key point when they plan on a photoshoot especially, when it is nature, birdlife or wildlife related. As most photographers would prefer to depend on natural lighting.

4. Moment Captured:

“I walk, I look, I see, I photograph” These words were written by Leon Levinstein. To most photographers, this is what they believe. It is about that perfect moment. Some people also call it ‘Timing’. It is all about having the right amount of sunlight and the clouds moving into position the right interaction between the elements in the photograph that captures the crest of action. It’s those moments that also manage to take the human emotion to a crescendo which can make any photograph and amazing one.

5. Photographs Took In Context:

If you are going to tell a story through your photos then, one thing you will need to remember is that it should be in context to what people can relate to. Be it photos of a father holding his son for the first time or it could be an empty landscape which can trigger a feeling of isolation. Both these images tell a story and relate to some kind of thought whether memory or an emotion. But they are in context to what people can relate to.

After having followed each of these tips to make your photographs amazing it can get very disheartening if ever you end up losing your photos because of something like formatting. A moment like that for a professional photographer or a hobbyist photographer can be very stressful. In such a situation remember that restoring images from formatted hard drive is safe and easy.

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