Reasons to Why You’ll Want USB Type-C

We all have a lot of electronic devices around our homes like cell phones, tablets, laptops etc. Each of these devices has this one thing in common and that is a USB port. For those who are not sure what a USB port is for or what exactly are USB for. Then do not worry. This is all very basic and you do not have to be a techie to know these things. USB is an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus. USB like flash cards, micro SD card, Pen drive etc. all these are used on the basis of their speed and capacity to store data. Now there are a few more things you would be definitely interested in knowing like the different kinds of USB that are right now in the market? Then read on…

Now there are different kinds of USB right now in the market made by different companies like Thunderbolt made by Intel and Lightning made by Apple and then there is USB Type-C. Curious on what is special about USB Type-C? Well, let’s get started with the reasons.

 Now, you would have seen most computers or laptops with 2.0 ports and in the past couple of years, you would have noticed 3.0 ports. And recently there is a USB 3.1 and a smaller Type-C connector the port. Thus, this is being called USB Type-C. So why is it so good? Read on to know more..

Reasons for getting USB Type-C:

1. While, 2.10 and 3.10 come with a full-size USB, but also micro USB and mini USB etc. USB Type-C is just one tiny port in laptops, computers, and tablets etc. Apple has definitely kept this port in their Mac Book.

2. The size of this USB Type-C is smaller so it can fit into the slimmest of the devices that are in the market.

3. It is very versatile as it can carry up to a 100W power thus making it possible for you to charge a full-size electronic device.

4. It can carry data up to 10Gbps, which is a very high data transfer rate.

5. It’s backward compatible with USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and it is reversible. So, all you need to do is plug it in the right way the first time and every single time.

Recently Mac Book came out with only one tiny USB port and it was for USB Type-C. This was just the beginning there are going to be a lot more of this in the near future and the best way to be on top of the game is to be aware of what is good and how often it is going to be used. Expect to see this USB Type-C ports more often in tablets, smartphones etc. eventually. With more devices coming out with a tiny USB Type-C ports you would definitely want to have this with you.

With all this information if there are a few more questions you would want an answer for or information on like how to get back data from USB drive. Then here is an article that will help you.

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