What Is A WiFi Enabled SD Card? And How To Set It Up In a Camera?

With the majority of us choosing to share our pictures on social media we regularly feel the need to make sure we are updating our camera phone. Well, obviously we want our best pics to be shared, liked, commented on. But how awesome it would be to carry our camera’s like DSLR which has better picture quality and not have to wait till we get home to transfer those photos to the system. Then, find time to eventually post it on social media. Instead, if only you could take the photos and immediately transfer it onto your phones and in a matter of minutes post it or share it on social media, it would definitely make things very easy and time-saving. But is it possible to do so?

Well yes, it is possible to do so now, with WiFi enabled SD cards. So you might be wondering what is a WiFi enabled SD card? The answer is simple it is an SD card with built-in WiFi.  Sounds simple as well, that is because it is. It definitely has made sharing photos quick and fun. It has also made work easier to an extent as things are quicker i.e. if you are a professional photographer or an enthusiast, active social media person. This is without a doubt the SD card for you.

But the question that arises here is, How do you set it up in a camera? Interested to find out the simple way to set it up in your camera then, continue to read on…

Set up Wi-Fi SD card in your camera:

1. First of all, like a normal SD card all you need do is put the WiFi SD card into your camera in the card slot.

2. Then, start taking pictures and remember, that by default as long as your camera is ON the WiFi is ON.

3. Now all you need to do is make sure that your camera SD card WiFi is connected to your phone WiFi through any app of your preference. These apps can also vary if your phone is Android or iPhone.

4. Once, you have checked that your phone WiFi is connected to the same WiFi on the SD card then, all you need to do is log into a web browser. You can log into any web browser of your preference like chrome or go to the app and there you can browse through your photos.

Remember, setting it up is very easy and so is transferring your photos but one thing you need to remember is using a WiFi SD card does drain out your camera’s battery. Therefore, if your camera battery dies down then, your WiFi SD card also goes down with it. So always, be aware of your camera battery life while shooting important pictures. Right now there are several good WiFi SD cards in the market and you do not need to fret on which one is good. All you need to do is check if it works for your camera if it has good speed and is a reputed company. Making sure of these things makes it easier to connect through an app that is common for your phone, tablet, laptop etc.

With all the new ways to make photography fun and adding exciting new features in SD card. If you ever find yourself with a corrupted card due to any reason then, make sure to remember that pictures can be recovered from corrupted SD Card.

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