Manage Your Open Applications on Windows Desktop with These Hidden Features

Windows has some lesser known amazing features which help you in managing the desktop. This feature arranges the open windows side-by-side or one side of the screen which you might haven’t noticed.

The below-mentioned features are available on Windows 7 except one which is not available in Windows 8 and Windows 10. Many of these features work on earlier versions as well.

View Windows Side-by-Side with Aero Snap

Aero Snap feature was introduced first with Windows 7, and it is still offered in Windows 8 and 10. With this feature, you can make a window to take-up half of the screen. Making it easier for you to position 2 windows side-by-side without moving or re-sizing them manually. To the snap feature, press and hold the Windows button and press right or left arrow keys. The window that you are currently using will be re-sized and moved to the right or left-side of the screen.

There is another way to re-size the window. Click the title bar of the window, hold the mouse and drag the title bar to either right or left corner of the screen. When doing this, you will get to see the preview of the windows look or shape it will take. Now, release the window at the end of the screen and it will re-sizes itself automatically to take-up the suitable side of the screen.

Use Task Bar to Cascade, Tile or Stack Windows

When you right click the task-bar, you will see a window opening up with 3 options of window management – ‘Cascade windows’, ’show windows stacked’ and the third one; ‘show windows side by side’.

Cascade windows – This will display all the windows that are open in a series or sequence where you’ll see the title bars simultaneously.

Show windows stacked – This will arrange the open windows one above the other vertically. For wide display screen, this may not be ideal but can come handy in some circumstances.

Show window side by side – The option is very interesting and useful if you are multitasking on a wide-screen display. This will open the windows side-by-side something similar to Aero Snap. But here 3 or more windows are arranged in such a way that they are side-by-side.

You can ‘Undo’ the above-mentioned options you selected by right-clicking the task-bar.

Minimize, Maximize and Restore Windows

By using keyboards shortcuts, you can maximize, restore and minimize a window. With the combination of Windows key and up arrow, you can maximize a window. Pressing Windows key and down arrow allows you to restore the maximized window. To minimize, again, press Windows key with down arrow.

Organize Windows Through Task Manager

This option is not available in Windows 8 as Microsoft launched a new task manager with Windows 8. So, the below-mentioned feature does not apply to Windows 8.

Task Manager can be opened from taskbar menu or pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys. Once the Task Manager opens, click on the Windows menu and select either Tile Vertically or Tile Horizontally. And it is interesting to see how the windows are arranged. The windows are tilted both vertically and horizontally so that it can show you windows as many as possible at once.

It also allows you perform some advanced tricks. Application tab in Windows Task Manager shows you the list of all open applications. Here you can select specific windows, and those will be arranged automatically on the screen.

Let’s see an example: you want 4 windows to appear side by side. For this, you have select the 4 windows – hold the Ctrl key and click on the name of each window and then right click on one of the selected windows and choose option Tile Horizontally. Voila! You’ll see the 4 windows automatically arranged side by side.


Hope you’ll use these features, though some may not be useful. Aero Snap is very important if you are multitasking. The Tile feature may not be that useful but you can still use it if you have a widescreen and you want some windows to be seen at once.

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