Here’s How to Get Most Out of Your Windows 10 PC

This time, I’d like to share some tips and tweaks – that may help you to become a “master” Windows 10 user. Hope, you’d have prior experience in Windows 7 or 8, that’ll be an added advantage.

Well, if I ask you to choose some of the best features that Windows 10 have, many of you would have a different opinion. Anyway, some of these features will be unavoidable from any list – like powerful Cortana integration, Return of Start menu, the new Edge browser, etc.

#Tip 1: Customizing the Start Menu

You can use either traditional way or Cortana search to work on Windows 10 Start Menu. Now, this start menu is a canvas of normal program list on the left pane and live Widows tiles on the right pane. So, unlike in Windows 8, you don’t have to exit the desktop mode to see live tiles.

But, you can resize your Start Menu by just dragging from its corners, as large as your desktop. And, by right clicking on it, you can resize a live tile.  You can also remove a tile from the Start Menu, disable live preview option, and share the app with your friends.


Resizing Windows 10 Live Tiles

Windows 10 Master Tips


In Windows 10, the Reboot and Shut Down buttons are located in the Power button on the left pane. But, Microsoft dropped the Hibernate button from Windows 10. Luckily, Sleep button is still there.

For Logging off from a user account, you’ve to click your user account button appears in the top left of the Start Menu. You can also change Account Settings from here or even lock the user.

One more, you can see all the programs installed on your machine by clicking on “All apps” button located in the bottom left corner of Start Menu.

#Tip2: Find My Device

The time has gone wherein Windows was just for desktops. With its November update, Microsoft has introduced a new feature on Windows 10 – To Find a gadget. You can add devices such as Windows phone, Surface, Xbox, Surface Book and Microsoft Band here, by logging into your Microsoft account. After registering your device, you can enable the option, “Save my device’s location periodically” to save your registered device’s location. You can get to know this location by heading into


Adding a New Windows Device

Windows 10 Master Tips


Anyhow, this doesn’t offer features such as remote wiping of data or device locking capabilities.

You can activate “Find My Device” from Settings -> Update & Security -> Find My Device.

#Tip3: Virtual Desktops

You might have known about this if you have used a Linux or OS X machine recently. Now, this feature is available on Windows 10 too. If you feel that there’s been a lot of programs opened at once, you can create a “New Desktop” and manage your work more organized.


Windows 10 Virtual Desktop



For that, there’s an icon on your Windows 10 taskbar called Task View. Click on it and you can see your programs are organized in various tabs. In the bottom right corner of the screen, you can see a + sign. Just click on it to create a new desktop.

Once you have created a new desktop, you can open programs and files over there. To go back to your previous desktop, click again on the Task View button.

#Tip4: Controlling Windows Updates

You may be aware of the automatic updates in Windows 10. Microsoft will force you to install updates – for that they have their own reasons. But, there’s one thing that you’ve to closely watch – Windows Update Delivery Optimization, wherein your internet will be used by Microsoft to share updates installed on your machine with other users. At the same time, it can able to receive updates installed on other PCs to your machine. (If you know the working of peer-to-peer sharing that’s used on torrent sites, you can understand this easily).


Choose How Updates are Delivered

Windows 10 Master Tips


To disable this, follow this method.

Go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Updates -> Advanced Options and click “Choose how updates are delivered”. And make sure that, you’re not sharing your previously downloaded updates to any other PC. You can do this by changing the sharing button status to “Off”. By this way, you can make sure that your network bandwidth is optimally utilized.

(If you want, you can put sharing button to ‘On” for sending and receiving updates with PCs on your network or even PCs over the internet)

#Tip5: Turning OFF Quick Access in File Explorer

When your open File Explorer in Windows 10, by default it’ll go to Quick Access Mode wherein your most frequently accessed files and recently opened files can be seen. For many users, this mode appears to be a little bit messy. However, it can be changed to “This PC” view found in Windows 7 and 8.

For that, go to File Explorer-> Select View from Menu -> Options for Folder Options

From the General tab, choose Open File Explorer to “This PC” from “Quick Access”


Windows 10 Folder Options

Windows 10 Master Tips


Hope, you’ve enjoyed reading this guide. Windows 10’s Anniversary update is coming this August. Hope, Microsoft will introduce new features as part of this update, as did in November update.

But don’t forget – Windows 10 free upgrade option is coming to an end by this August 2. So, upgrade as soon as possible to get the Best Windows experience ever produced.

And wait for the big event.

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