Windows Anniversary Update: Commonly Asked Questions

Windows 10 Anniversary Update – so far, the biggest update to Windows 10 is ready to unveil within hours. This isn’t any surprise that the arrival of this event is associated with Windows 10’s first birthday celebrations.  Recently only Microsoft has officially closed down free upgrade to Windows 10.

Let me assume you don’t have a confusion between these “upgrade” and “update” wordings, as many of you might be probably upgraded to Windows 10 from any previous version and, still using Windows 10 “Automatic Upgrade”.

But certainly, there’ll be users who are still having doubts related to this Anniversary Update. So, I think it would be good idea to address some of your common doubts a before this update rolls out.

Question: I’m a Windows 10 User. Can I Get this Update for Free?

Answer: Of course, this update is totally free. But, it’ll be installed on your PC only if you have used Windows 10 for at least 30 days. And, there can be some more factors like your location, server load time, etc.

Question: What would be the major improvements in Windows 10 after this update?

Answer: Cortana will be active on the lock screen, so to answer queries without unlocking your PC. Microsoft Edge will able to support HTML and JS based extensions found in Firefox and Chrome. And, you will be able to respond to texts on your phone from notification on the PC. Windows Ink has extended its support to more apps like Sticky Notes, Sketchpad, etc. After all, Windows Hello, the biometric login will support some apps and some websites that you access through Edge.

Question: Should I need to manually setup the Update?

Answer: If the update is not starting automatically, go to your PC settings-> Update & Security and click “Check for Updates”. Once your machine is connected to update servers, updates will start downloading. You’ll have to reboot your machine to install the updates.

Question: What if I am using Insider Program?

Answer: Being part of Windows Insider Program gives you an upper edge over normal Windows 10 users. For insiders, this anniversary update will be already available.

To verify this, type 'Windows + R' to Run utility then type Winver

If your OS build version is 14393.x or later, you already have anniversary update.

Question: What about Files and Programs in my PC?

Answer: After Windows 10’s November Update, it was reported that some of the programs were deleted without informing users. Of course, compatibility issues might be the driving force behind this – as a program is making crashes/bugs during the update, it’d be necessary to remove such ones to run the update process smoothly. The same problem could happen to your valuable files, after anniversary update. So, it’s always good to take a backup of Windows 10 PC you’re having.

If you've any query related to Windows 10 anniversary update, let us know.

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