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Easily Recover Data from any Storage Device under Severe Data Loss Scenarios.



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MOV Repair Tool

Complete Video Repair Tool kit

Repair your Unplayable Videos (MOV & MP4) securely



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Outlook Backup and Migrate

Ultimate Outlook Backup Tool

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Remo ONE

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Duplicate Photos Remover

Advanced Duplicate Photos Finder and Cleaner Tool

Find & Remove Duplicate Photos & increase disk space in 3 - Clicks!!



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Shortcut keys for Windows 7

Getting familiar with or mastering the keyboard shortcuts not only help you to get the work done faster, but also increases your productivity. In case you rely completely on Windows 7 for all your business and personal work then it’s…

How to Install a Sound Driver for Windows Vista?

A sound card is a device that processes audio information from your computer and sends it out to the audio devices such as speakers, headphones, microphones etc. Similar to your DVD drivers, video cards, USB devices and other hardware devices…

How to Sync Windows 8 with Android Phone?

Syncing your Windows 8 PC with your Android phone is a great way to get your data from your computer to your new smartphone. The syncing will also allow the Android smartphone to be constantly updated every time you connect…

Steps to create a Bootable Windows CD

I believe most of you would be aware that, in order to install Windows OS, one needs to boot the computer off of the CD. But, in case you have lost your Windows installation CD and you only have the…

Troubleshoot Startup Problems in Windows XP

Many Windows XP users face start up problems when there is hardware driver issues, software incompatibility, formation of bad hard disk sectors, damaged system files. All these factors prevent your system booting safely. If you are struggling to fix it…

Ultimate Guide To Create Macros and Assign Shortcut key In Microsoft Word | 2022

Macros are small sets of codes that allow you to perform repetitive activities.  We use macros on documents that have vital data and simplify the work on the word document. However, a wrong command or code can be harmful to your document and make you lose your data permanently. In case you have a word document with such issues, we have a solution for that in form of a Remo Word Repair Tool. Make use of it to repair a damaged word document into a healthy safe file.

Know how to run Mac OS on Windows PC

Are you using Windows OS from long time and now wish to switch to Mac OS? Purchasing new machine and using Mac OS is a costly thing. But, if we think of Mac graphical user interface, everyone like to use…

Tips to fix Windows Registry errors

Windows registry has a tree like structure and it is divided into three parts, they are main branches called hives, small branches called keys and leaves called values. Let us know about hives in brief HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT – contains information about…

How to repair Windows XP through Recovery Console?

Windows XP is an operating system developed and produced by Microsoft for home and business computers. The first edition of this operating system was released on 24th August 2001 and is the second most popular and stable version of Windows.…

How to repair Windows XP using Bootable Disc?

Puzzled on how to use the bootable disk to perform Windows XP repair installation? Sometimes, your Windows XP might fail to boot and throw some errors indicating some files are missing. When you find such instances you will have to…

How to troubleshoot ntldr.dll missing error?

NTLDR is the abbreviation of NT loader. It is the boot loader for all operating systems in the Windows NT family. Widely found in Windows XP operating systems. NTLDR.dll is the file is a loader that contains the list of…

Fix a PC when it Freezes Up

How to fix a PC when it freezes up?

Is your PC re-booting itself after it begins to load? Or maybe it locks up (hangs up) making its all accessories like mouse, keyboards unresponsive and applications hang. Sometimes, you may even get a Blue screen spontaneously, while working making…