Must-Have WinRAR Shortcuts in 2024 | A Complete Guide

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Summary: If you are a regular user of the WinRAR tool or RAR file, knowing some key WinRAR shortcuts will be very helpful. In this article, let us explore the advantages and some important Shortcuts of WinRAR.

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What is a RAR file?

RAR is an archive file that helps in compression. The actual format for the WinRAR archive is RAR, Like other archives i.e; Zip archive. A RAR file is a data container that compresses one or more files that can help users share large files easily. There are a number of extra advantages to RAR, it provides strong data encryption and also helps in splitting archives into multiple smaller volumes.

 Advantages of WinRAR

  • WinRAR ensures file confidentiality as it provides services such as a password, to keep your data confidential.
  • WinRAR ensures data reliability as it repairs minor corruption in RAR files, and also provides lock options to prevent unwanted file access.
  • It supports simultaneous drag & drop options, shortcuts help in essay access to novice users, and saves time.
  • WinRAR helps in splitting large RAR archives into many small volumes, i.e. a large RAR or ZIP archive is split into smaller volumes.

Important WinRAR Shortcuts 

  1. Shortcut For File Menu
Shortcut commands Description 
ctrl+oThis command helps in open archives
ctrl+ATo Select All
ctrl+dThis command helps in a change drive
ctrl+pSet default password
ctrl+cCopy files
ctrl+vPaste files
Ctrl + WClose WinRAR
  1. Shortcut For Command Menu
Shortcut commandsDescription
Alt+aThis command will add files to the archive
Alt+e This command will extract to a specific folder
Alt+vThis command will help in viewing the file
DelThis command will help in deleting the file
f2This command will help in renaming the file
Alt+mThis command will help in adding a comment to the archive file
Alt+pThis command will help in protect the archive from damage
Alt+tThis command is to Test archived files
Alt+WTo Extract without confirmation
Alt+lThis command will lock the archive
ctrl+IThis command will print archive
  1. Shortcut For Tool Menu
Shortcut CommandDescription
Alt+dThis command will help in scanning the virus
Alt+rThis command will help in repairing the archives
Alt+xThis command will help in converting the archive to SFX
Alt+qThis command will help in converting the files into archive files.
  1. Shortcut For Favorite Menu
Shortcut CommandDescription
Ctrl+fThis command will help you add the currently opened archive/Folder to the favorite’s list.
  1. Other Shortcut Options For Menu
Shortcut CommandDescription
ctrl+sGo to the setting option
ctrl+tThis command will help you show the archive folder in a folder tree
  1. Shortcut For Help Menu
Shortcut CommandDescription
Alt+hTo open the help menu
f1To open a help topic
  1. Shortcut for Menu Bar 
Shortcut CommandsDescription
Alt+cThis command will help in showing the command menu
Alt+sThis command will display the tools menu
Alt+oThis command will show favorite menu

Note: The compression and decompression speed of WinRAR varies rapidly with the capacity of the machine in use. If you are working with multiple archive files, then the process can be slower. 

The above-mentioned shortcuts will make your life with WinRAR easier. However, at times you might get an error such as a Checksum error in the RAR file that might stop you from opening it. In such scenarios, you will need to repair the RAR file. Although the WinRAR tool can fix minor corruptions, it cannot fix severely damaged or corrupted RAR file.

Using a professional RAR repair tool by Remo can help you solve all your problems with a corrupt RAR file.  It can seamlessly repair corrupt RAR files having a size of more than 4GB.  All it takes is 3 easy clicks to get your RAR file repaired. Download and try the tool for free now.

Final Words: 

The WinRAR tool will help you in compressing the file, you can send large files by splitting large files into smaller volumes. The above-mentioned Shortcuts for WinRAR will save you time in doing such operations. However, corruption in RAR is inevitable, It is recommended to have a data backup of important files. Hope this article was helpful, if you have any queries comment below.

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