Internet Running Very Slow on MacBook

I am being facing internet speed problem in my MacBook even though having good data package. At times, browser might take several minutes to load a single page thus it irritated me a lot. In addition, I fed up with searching solution for fixing this issue so please me out. If you wish to enhance your internet speed, here are tips that you can do about browser performance.

Open the DNS servers: This is usually provided by internet service provider and its performance changes on server configuration is made on your MacBook system. Utilizing few open DNS server can help to enhance your browser speed and loads web pages without delays.

Reset Safari apps: Safari browser may behave strange on your system when installation is not complete due to file corrupt. You can fix this issue by resetting Safari, option is available in Apple itself, which provides quick resetting, and this can be done through clicking the Reset Safari option is provided under Menu.

Remove cache and log files: When browse in your system using Safari application, it stores all information you have browsed and stores cached and log files that loads webpage quickly when you visit those pages again. However, sometimes they will delay in loading webpage when those pages are modified.

Clear the Autofill and fav icons: Clearing this can also enhance your Safari speed. Just go to Safari-> Preferences and choose AutoFill then select the Edit option and delete all the items. And then go to the Library->Safari and then Trash the folder named Icons and restart the Safari.

You can gain better speed in browsing by applying above-mentioned instructions in your MacBook manually. However, in order to follow these instructions you should have proper knowledge of system and you need to do it regularly. Really, it is hectic job to do daily if you are newly using system and might find difficulties in applying these instructions in your system. Hence, some users look for advanced solution to fix this issue instantly then it is best to utilize Remo MORE suite.

Remo MORE application is exclusive application to fix all internet issues occurred in MacBook system and enhance your browsing speed by fixing them in a couple of minutes. It is compatible with all browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and many others. Moreover, it is most user-friendly application and each step has descriptive message that clears user to take proper option. Remo MORE application is available for free of cost and supports various operating system such as Android, Windows, iOS  and Mac.

Guidelines to use Remo MORE application

Step 1: First download and install Remo MORE app on your MacBook successfully
Step 2: Choose “Enhance” option from main screen as shown in Figure 1
Step 3: Then select the “Internet Speed Enhancer” option to enhance internet speed as shown in Figure 1
Step 4: Choose “Optimize Speed” option and select network type that you are using and select “Optimize” button as depicted in Figure 1
Step 5: After the network configuration is done, a confirmation message displays that “Your internet settings have been optimized successfully” as shown in figure Figure 1

Remo MORE application can optimize following internet connections

  • Modem connection
  • DSL, Wi-Fi, cable or satellite
  • LAN connection
  • Corporate LAN
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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